2010. március 20., szombat

Gabor Szabo - Macho

01 - Hungarian Rhapsody -2 (Album Version)
02 - Time (Album Version)
03 - Transylvania Boogie (Album Version)
04 - Ziggidy Zag (Album Version)
05 - Macho (Album Version)
06 - Poetry Man (Album Version)
07 - Evening In The Country (Album Version)

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balckie írta...

Just stumbled on this maestro by accident this week and have just become so hooked, he gave a different dimension to jazz, I do not give a fuck how they tried to declassify or imaginalise his jazz contributions, he was just very very, outstanding, RIP Gypsey boy, I am in love with your music forever.

wonderful melodies world írta...

Please reup, thank you.