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Gabor Szabo - 1968 Bacchanal Digital Noise Cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2010.

Sajnos az eredeti hangfelvételek  elég zajosak voltak annak ellenére, hogy cd kiadványról van szó, ezért kellett egy kicsit a felvételeket digitálisan kijavítani.

The original sound recording burns unfortunately noisy, was needed because of this a little to correct the sound recordings

01 Three King Fishers (Donovan Leigh)   4:48
02 Love Is Blue (Bryan Blackburn/Cour/Andre Popp)   4:17
03 Theme From Valley of the Dolls (Andre Previn)   3:48
04 Bacchanal (Gabor Szabo)   4:55
05 Sunshine Superman (Donovan Leigh)   3:45
06 Some Velvet Morning (Lee Hazlewood)   5:10
07 The Look of Love (Burt Bacharach/Hal David)   3:15
08 The Divided City (Gabor Szabo)   3:20

Recorded at Western Recording Studios, Los Angeles on February 9, 1968

Gabor Szabo (Guitar)
Jim Stewart (Guitar)
Hal Gordon (Percussion)
Jimmy Keltner (Drums)
Louis Kabok (Bass Guitar) 

Gabor Szabo - 1968 Bacchanal

A beautiful CD which manages to burn with intensity and smolder with a quiet glow. Szabo mixes his familiar style with a subtle use of feedback on a well-programmed group of originals and pop covers,  traversing a range of styles – from jazz to rock and Latin to raga. This is perhaps the best record of Szabo’s superior 1960’s quintet, featuring classically-trained guitarist Jimmy Stewart. "Three King Fishers" and "Love is Blue" were used to score the film SURVIVAL IN THE SEA, a 29-minute documentary directed by Richard Wormser for Life Nature Library. The 16-mm film, part of the World We Live In Series, studies the struggle for survival among sea creatures and explains some of the reasons why fish have adapted through natural selection.

Doug Payne

After recording four albums for Impulse in 1967, the distinctive guitarist Gabor Szabo cut three records for the Skye label in 1968, of which this LP, Bacchanal, is the strongest. Szabo's regular group of the era is heard on record for the last time: guitarist Jimmy Stewart, bassist Louis Kabok, drummer Jim Keltner and percussionist Hal Gordon. With the exception of two Szabo originals, the material is comprised of current pop tunes including two songs by Donovan, "Love Is Blue," "The Look of Love" and "Theme from the Valley of the Dolls." Despite what should have been a complete lack of potential, the Hungarian guitarist uplifts the material and mostly turns the pieces into worthwhile jazz.

Scott Yanow

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