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Gabor Szabo - Dreams LP version ( P ) 1968 Digital transfer, noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Gabor Szabo - Dreams_DATA_1

Gabor Szabo - Dreams_DATA_2

Gabor Szabo - Dreams_DATA_3

01 - Galatea's Guitar
02 - Half The Day Is Night
03 - Song Of Injured Love
04 - The Fortune Teller
05 - Fire Dance
06 - The Lady In The Moon
07 - Ferris Wheel

Gábor Szabó - guitar
Jim Stewart - guitar
Louis Kabok - bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Hal Gordon - percussion
Tony Miranda, Ray Alonge, Brooks Tillotson - French horn
Julius Schacter - violin
George Ricci - cello
Gary McFarland - piano, arranger

Released     1968
Recorded     August 6, 7, 9 & 22, 1968
United Recording Studio, Los Angeles, California

This record is one of my favourite jazz guitarist record, its all over a very good record, nice and moody jazz, with a little eastern sound over it, cause of the percussions and melodies. The record is written and arranged by Gary McFarland, which is a reason to go check it out itself. Its released on Skye records, and the whole album was recorded in 1968, which is my favourite year of music. Instruments includes: Guitar (Gabor Szabo & Jim Stewart), Bass (Louis Kabok), Percussion (Hal Gordon), Congas (Hal Gordon), Drums (Jim Keltner), Violin (Julius Schacter), Cello (George Ricci), French Horn (Tony Mirada, Ray Alonge & Brooke Tillotson) & Piano (Gary McFarland). The standout track is “Galateas Guitar, which starts off with a one minute guitar solo, then a piano starts to play, and theyre building up a groove for about a half minute more, before drums and percussion kicks in (and the track goes on like this four minutes more). Melodic, this changeup (between the intro and the main track) is so big, I instantly wyled out the first time i heard it. The track is also based on a regular 1/8 time signature, which is great for my primitive beat digger mentality. This record also has one of my favourite covers, Its made by David Stahlberg. He made all the illustrations, along with the supreme typography. The cover also includes some poetry featured on the front cover and inside the gatefold cover; “The west shall shake the east awake…While ye have the night for morn…” – James Joyce.

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