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Mikes Eva - Engem nem lehet elfelejteni Digital remastered and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2010.

01   02    03   04

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01 - Mikes Eva - Ami szivemen a szamon 
01 - Mikes Eva - Engem nem lehet elfelejteni    
02 - Mikes Eva - Ahogy mentem az utcan 
02 - Mikes Eva - Beszelni ezust        
03 - Mikes Eva - Faj a szivem valaki utan       
03 - Mikes Eva - Jo, hogy rad talaltam 
04 - Mikes Eva - Egy esocsepp          
04 - Mikes Eva - Feketehaju kis gimzanista      
05 - Mikes Eva - Egy esos vasarnap delutan (version 2)                     
05 - Mikes Eva - Egy kicsi szerencse   
06 - Mikes Eva - Dunaparti haz         
06 - Mikes Eva - Tul sokat igersz      
07 - Mikes Eva - O baby, baby          
07 - Mikes Eva & Szanto Erzsi - Jo az almodozas (Sail Along Silv'ry Moon) duett
08 - Mikes Eva - Hiu fiu               
08 - Mikes Eva - Tanulsag (Butasag a babona)    
09 - Mikes Eva - Egy esos vasarnap delutan (version 1)                     
09 - Mikes Eva - Ugy erzem, boldog vagyok       
10 - Mikes Eva - Nem szabad elsietni sohasem    
10 - Mikes Eva - Uj nyar               
11 - Mikes Eva - Hetfon meg csokolsz   
11 - Mikes Eva - Konnyek               
12 - Mikes Eva - Szomjazom             
12 - Mikes Eva - Te szeress legalabb   
13 - Mikes Eva - Hetkoznapi boldogsag  
13 - Mikes Eva - Ma ejjel tancolnek    
14 - Mikes Eva - Himnusz a szerelemrol 
14 - Mikes Eva - Nyari bor (Summer Wine)
15 - Mikes Eva - Nem fogok szomorkodni erted    
15 - Mikes Eva - Szeretni nem nehez, de tudni kell  
16 - Mikes Eva - Erdekhazassag (Un Matrimonio D'Interesse)                 
16 - Mikes Eva - Juci, Juli, Julia     
17 - Mikes Eva - Tudod                 
17 - Mikes Eva - Ugy szeretlek teged (Dio Come Ti Amo)                     
18 - Mikes Eva - Csak mar tavasz lenne 
18 - Mikes Eva - Hiszem, ha akarom     
19 - Mikes Eva - Mami engedd meg       
19 - Mikes Eva - Szemembe nezz         
20 - Mikes Eva - Butasag gondolni rad  
20 - Mikes Eva - Te ujra elhitetted envelem     
21 - Mikes Eva - Ne ebresszetek fel    
21 - Mikes Eva - Szerencses ember      
22 - Mikes Eva - Ha csokot kernel      
22 - Mikes Eva - Majd elmossa az oszi zapor     
23 - Mikes Eva - Az elso szerelem      
23 - Mikes Eva - Ugy latszik, neked minden tul keves
24 - Mikes Eva - En vagyok neked az igazi       
24 - Mikes Eva - Holnap, ki tudja holnap
25 - Mikes Eva - Balaton - Te vagy a szivugyem  
25 - Mikes Eva - Dunaparti szerelem    
26 - Mikes Eva - Ez a legszebb unnep   
26 - Mikes Eva - Van-e remekebb (Utazzunk egyutt)
27 - Mikes Eva - Veget ert ( Free Again)
27 - Mikes Eva & Nemeth Jozsef - Angela (duett )
28 - Mikes Eva - Harangszo az esti szelben


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Barrett Deems Big Band - Groovin Hard 1998

Download_New Upload

01 - Barett Deems Big Band - Groovin Hard
02 - Barett Deems Big Band - Cute
03 - Barett Deems Big Band - Best Coast
04 - Barett Deems Big Band - Can You Read My Mind
05 - Barett Deems Big Band - Well Alright Then
06 - Barett Deems Big Band - Round Midnight
07 - Barett Deems Big Band - It Might As Well Be Spring
08 - Barett Deems Big Band - I'll Close My Eyes
09 - Barett Deems Big Band - The Song Is You
10 - Barett Deems Big Band - What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your
11 - Barett Deems Big Band - Moten Swing
12 - Barett Deems Big Band - Lady Carolyn
13 - Barett Deems Big Band - One For Otis

Barrett Deems Big Band:

Barrett Deems (drums)
Andy Farber, Jane Johnson (alto saxophone)
Frank Catalano, Brian Watson (tenor saxophone)
Brian Patti (baritone saxophone)
John Chudoba, Pete Ellman, Chuck Parrish, Manny Lopez (trumpets)
Audrey Morrison, Loren Binford, Tim Coffman, Craig Kaucher (trombone)
Ed Harrison (vibraphone)
Rob Curtis (guitar)
Geoffrey Lowe (bass)
Recorded at Riverside Studio, Chicago, Illinois on January 18 & 19, 1998.


At a recent performance by Barrett Deems's big band, a local musician commented to me, "Barrett's lost a little stamina; he doesn't have the same energy as a couple years ago." That's not a description you often hear about players of Deems's age--for the simple reason that very few 84-year-old men are still playing the drums at all. Deems's longevity stems principally from his well-grounded technique, which once earned him the title of "world's fastest drummer" and allowed him to see action with such jazz greats as Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, and Joe Venuti; there's also the matter of his ebullient and even belligerent enthusiasm--he's too crotchety to "slow down." (Armstrong used to call him "the Kid" not only because of the generation that separated them, one figures, but also because of Deems's focused hyperkinesis on the bandstand and off.) Deems still keeps a remarkably true, crisp beat, even if he has abandoned some of the high-octane fills and frills. But it's not just Deems who lacks some of the energy he once had; his band, after reaching a high-water mark with the Delmark album recorded three years ago, has some problems of its own. With a number of new faces on the stand over the last year, the ensemble passages reveal an aesthetic disunity even when all the notes fall in place, and the group features only a couple soloists with the necessary mix of talent, experience, and charisma. All of which may make this weekend's show--Barrett's birthday bash--the perfect setting in which to hear this band: the special nature of the event ought to produce enough adrenaline to tie up the band's loose ends and boost Deems to the top of his game. Friday, 9 PM, Deja Vu Bar Room, 2624 N. Lincoln; 773-871-0205. (Deems and company will celebrate again at a champagne brunch Sunday, 11 AM, at the Holiday Inn O'Hare, 5440 N. River Rd., Rosemont, 847-671-6350; they also play every Tuesday, 9 PM, at the Elbo Room,

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Etta James - Mystery Lady

Etta James - 01 - Don't Explain
Etta James - 02 - You've Changed
Etta James - 03 - The Man I Love
Etta James - 04 - I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance (With You)
Etta James - 05 - Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)
Etta James - 06 - Embraceable You
Etta James - 07 - How Deep Is The Ocean
Etta James - 08 - (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over
Etta James - 09 - Body And Soul
Etta James - 10 - The Very Thought Of You
Etta James - 11 - I'll Be Seeing You

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Doc Severinsen And His Big Band - Swingin The Blues

01 C Jam Blues  
02 Every Day I Have The Blues  
03 Wang Wang Blues                 
04 In A Sentimental Mood          
05 Happy Go Lucky Local Blues
06 Doc And Snooky Banter       
07 Dont Touch Me                    
08 Topsy                                  
09 Whats New                         
10 The Hucklebuck                  
11 All Blues                             
12 West End Blues                  
13 The Supreme Sacrifice

For 25 years, Doc Severinsen was arguably the best-known trumpet player in America, appearing on television every weeknight as the leader of the Tonight Show Orchestra. Known for his exceptionally loud wardrobe, Severinsen often bantered good-naturedly with host Johnny Carson, while supplying the show's incidental music (bridging commercial breaks, introducing guests, etc.). Despite the musical limitations of that format, the Tonight Show Orchestra was increasingly considered one of the best big-band jobs available as time passed: generous exposure, steady work, and declining options elsewhere. Severinsen maintained a side career to allow himself to stretch out, recording bop, big-band swing, and crossover-friendly instrumental pop for a series of labels beginning in the '60s. When The Tonight Show was on hiatus, he toured with smaller groups and guested with numerous jazz and pops orchestras around the country. He had his critics in the jazz world, partly because his albums weren't strictly jazz, but also partly because he didn't display his chops very often; he was an able bebop soloist with a bright, clean tone and a tremendous range in the upper register of his horn. In the mid-'80s, he finally brought the Tonight Show Orchestra into the studio for a series of popular and well-received recordings. When the orchestra broke up in 1992, Severinsen hit the road with a select group of alumni, and also continued his guest appearances around the country.
Carl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen was born on July 7, 1927, in Arlington, OR, and was initially nicknamed "Little Doc" after his father, a dentist. Starting music lessons at age seven, Severinsen originally wanted to play the trombone, although his violin-playing father urged him to take up that instrument instead. As it turned out, the trumpet was the only brass instrument available in their small town, and Severinsen got so good so quickly that he was performing with the local high school band while still seven years old. At age 12, he won the Music Educators' National Contest, and as a high schooler, he toured with Ted Fio Rito's orchestra. Upon finishing school, he joined a succession of touring big bands starting in 1945, including Tommy Dorsey (where he was a featured soloist), Charlie Barnet, Benny Goodman, and Noro Morales. In 1949, he settled in New York, where he worked as a staff musician for NBC and a recording session sideman, backing the likes of Dinah Washington and Anita O'Day. He moved over to television in 1952, and appeared on the original, Steve Allen-hosted Tonight Show as a member of Skitch Henderson's orchestra.
In 1962, when Carson took over the show, Henderson made Severinsen his assistant orchestra leader. Around the same time, Severinsen cut the first of a series of albums for the Command label; his earlier efforts were largely standard big-band swing, but by the late '60s he had moved into groovy, swinging instrumental pop in the so-called "now sound" vein, often arranged by Dick Hyman. In 1966, Henderson abruptly departed The Tonight Show under still-mysterious circumstances. Milton DeLugg briefly took over as his replacement, but Severinsen was promoted to the post of orchestra leader and musical director in 1967. His outlandish, brightly colored wardrobe and easy comic chemistry with Carson quickly cemented him into the job, where he would stay for the next 25 years.
In the meantime, Severinsen moved from Command over to RCA in the early '70s, and then went to Epic for 1975's Night Journey, a surprisingly credible foray into jazz-funk fusion. Even more surprisingly, Severinsen landed some disco play with the dance-club hits "I Wanna Be With You" and "Night Journey" in 1976. The follow-up LP, 1977's Brand New Thing, offered more of the same. In 1985, Severinsen recorded an album for Passport with a new fusion group called Xebron. The following year, he brought the Tonight Show Orchestra into the studio for their long-awaited first recording sessions, cutting a number of swing standards. The resulting album, The Tonight Show Band, was released on Amherst and sold briskly, also winning a Grammy for Best Jazz Large Ensemble Recording. A second, similar album, The Tonight Show Band, Vol. 2, was released in 1987. Facets, which found Severinsen working with crossover fusion ensembles and string orchestras, was a Top Ten jazz hit in 1988.Severinsen returned to the studio with the Tonight Show Orchestra in 1991 for the well-reviewed Once More...With Feeling!; they followed it in 1992 with Merry Christmas From Doc Severinsen and the Tonight Show Orchestra. It proved to be their last hurrah together; Carson's retirement that year ushered in major changes at The Tonight Show, and new host Jay Leno let Severinsen and the band go. Severinsen quickly gathered some of the band's most prominent members, and embarked on a sort of farewell tour of America. He would continue to tour with many of them during the '90s, most notably trumpeters Conte Candoli and Snooky Young, drummer Ed Shaughnessy, saxophonists Ernie Watts and/or Bill Perkins, and pianist Ross Tompkins. Additionally, Severinsen cut an album with the Cincinnati Pops (1992's Unforgettably Doc) and served as guest conductor for symphony orchestras in Minnesota, Milwaukee, Buffalo, and Phoenix; he also made numerous guest appearances as an instrumentalist, led brass workshops and clinics, and even moved into designing and manufacturing trumpets. After a lengthy hiatus from recording, he returned with 1999's Swingin' the Blues, which featured a generous selection of Tonight Show Orchestra alumni.

Gene Bianco - Your All-Time Favorite Songs LP (1964) Digital Noise Cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2010.

01. Autumn Leaves
02. Moon River
03. Begin The Beguine
04. September Song
05. You'll Never Walk Alone
06. Love Is A Many Spendored Thing
07. Stardust
08. Greensleeves
09. Some Enchanted Evening
10. Ebb Tide
11. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
12. Deep Purple

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Katie Webster - Two-Fisted Mama

01. Two-Fisted Mama
02. Who's Making Love?
03. I'm Bad
04. C.Q. Boogie
05. It's Mighty Hard
06. Love Deluxe
07. Sea of Love
08. A Little Meat on the Side
09. Try a Little Tenderness
10. Never Let Me Go
11. I'm Still Leaving You
12. Whoo-Wee Sweet Daddy
13. On the Run
14. Hallelujah, I Love Him So
15. The Love You Save (May Be Your Own)

Tracks 1, 4, 6, 10, 11 A 14 produced by Katie Wobster, Erace lglauer, Vasti Jackson ond Ice Cube Siim at Str6etervllle 3tudls, Chlcago IL, 1989. Additlonal recording ot Kiss Studios, Memphis, TN.
l’racks 2, 7, 9, 13 A 15 produced by Bruce Iglauer Ond Ice Cube SIim ot Streeterville
Studios, Chicago, II. 1988. Additional recording ot Sunnyside Studios. Los Angeles, CA; Jasper Sound Studio, Austin. TX; und Digital Recorders, Nashville, TN.
Tracks 3, 5 A 8 produced by Katle Webster, Vasti Jackson, Bruce lglauer ond Ice Cube SIim at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, IL, 1991.
Track 12 produced Sy Kim WiIson ot
Arlyn Studios, Austin, TX, 1988.
Engineers: .lustin Niobank 12, 7, 9, 13, 151;
JayShiIIiday(1. 2.4,6, 7,9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 15);
David Axelbaum (2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9, 13, 15);
Siuart Sullivan (121
Additional engineering by Elli Dashiell, Gordan
Garnson ond Tom Singets (2, 7, 9, 13, 151; Pat
Taylorand GregArchilla (1,4.6,10,11,14):
David Brlckson (3, 5, 8)
Assistants: David Brickson and Sklp Burzumata 11, 4, 6, 10, 11, 14); Steve F,Isk (2, 7, 9, 13, 15)
Mixers: Jay .Shilliday 12, 7, 9, 13); David Axelbaum
(1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15)
Additional niixing by David Brlckson (3, 5, 8)
Deisse Editlon Series produced by Bob DePugh, Bruce Iglauer ond David Forte

 Katie Webster Biography

At the time of her death on September 9, 1999 at the age of 63, Katie Webster was acknowledged as the one of the premier blues artists of her generation. Webster's sassy and sensuous blend of barrelhouse boogie-woogie, New Orleans R&B, Gulf Coast swamp-pop, deep bayou blues and Southern gospel-flavored soul placed her among the most in-demand blues artists in the country and made her a favorite at festivals and concert halls all over the world. As a teen, Webster was already hailed as South Louisiana's reigning piano queen. She recorded on more than 500 singles during the 1950s and 1960s. She joined Otis Redding's touring band in 1965 and enjoyed a successful solo career in the 1980s, releasing albums on Arhoolie and a number of European labels. She signed with Alligator Records in 1988, cutting three albums for the label: 1988's Swamp Boogie Queen (with guests Bonnie Raitt and Robert Cray), 1989's Two Fisted Mama! and 1991's No Foolin'. In February 1999, Alligator released Deluxe Edition, a collection of Webster's greatest recorded performances from her years with the label.

Born Kathryn Jewel Thorne on January 11, 1936 in Houston, Texas, Webster first learned piano as a child. Her deeply religious parents strictly warned her to play only gospel and classical music, going so far as to keep the piano under lock and key so Katie could only play while being supervised. But Webster loved the blues, rock and R&B she heard on an old Philco radio hidden under the bed covers late at night, and would play her secular music at every opportunity. While still a teenager, Webster moved to South Louisiana when her parents relocated to California. She lived with less rigid relatives who allowed her to play the music she loved. By the age of 15 Webster was one of the most requested studio musicians in the region. Both Jay Miller of Excello Records and Eddie Shuler of Goldband Records used her on hundreds recordings in the 1950s and 1960s, including sides with Guitar Junior (Lonnie Brooks), Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lightnin' Slim, and Clifton Chenier. In 1964, a young Otis Redding caught Webster's set with her band the Uptighters in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and demanded she join his touring band the very next day.

Webster toured the country with Redding, and can be heard on his Live At The Whiskey A-Go-Go album. Unable to join Redding on tour in 1967 because she was pregnant, Webster was not on the plane that took Redding's life. Devastated by his death, she kept a very low profile until the early 1980s, when she made her debut tour of Europe. European audiences couldn't get enough of Webster, and she returned over 30 times. During the 1980s, Webster began to win over her American audience at numerous high profile festival gigs, including the Chicago Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, The Boulder Blues Festival, The Newport Folk Festival, The San Francisco Blues Festival and many others. "She can floor the timid listener," raved the Boston Globe. "Webster can say more about the pain of betrayal with one low, sad growl, and more about the joy of fighting back against cruel life with one teasing roll of her eyes, than most could write in a book."

In 1988, Webster teamed up with Alligator Records and went from a cult blues legend to internationally recognized phenomenon. She received accolades from a host of publications, including Rolling Stone and Keyboard. She was nominated for three Blues Music Awards (the Grammy of the blues community) and, in March of 1989, performed for the first time on national television on NBC's Sunday Night program hosted by David Sanborn. In 1992, Webster joined label mates Koko Taylor, Lonnie Brooks, Elvin Bishop and Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials on a cross-country tour celebrating Alligator's 20th Anniversary. The Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Tour album documented the proceedings, as did the Bob Mugge documentary, Pride And Joy: The Story Of Alligator Records.

In 1993, Webster was felled by a stroke while touring in Greece, and lost some of the use of her left hand and almost all of her eyesight. But her magnificent voice and wonderful right hand, not to mention her inimitable spirit, kept her going strong. She continued to appear at selected festivals. Even though her health wouldn't support extended touring, her final performances were filled with the same boogie-woogie drive and spirit that originally earned Katie Webster the title Swamp Boogie Queen.

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Jan Holland & Milan Koren - Golden Accordion


01 - Czardas (Monti)
02 - Fur Elise
03 - Weite See
04 - De Vogeltjesdans
05 - Surrender
06 - Petite Fleur
07 - Black Eyes (Trad.)
08 - Anette
09 - Besame Mucho
10 - Champagne Splesh
11 - Habanera
12 - Flowers In The Sky
13 - Zwei Verlieble In Paris
14 - Berlin-Dixie
15 - Coming Back To Kerry
16 - Barcarole
17 - Guapila
18 - Zirkus Renz
19 - A Media Luz
20 - My Poor Soul (Trad.)
21 - Carnival Of Venice
22 - American Patrol
23 - Silver Threads Among The Gold
24 - Der Reigen
25 - Alpen-Dixie
26 - Santa Lucia
27 - Karambletta

Albert King - Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session

Albert King - Stevie Ray Vaughan - In Session\art

01 - Ask Me No Questions                  
02 - Blues At Sunrise                    
03 - Call It Stormy Monday                
04 - Don't Lie To Me                      
05 - Match Box Blues                      
06 - Old Times                            
07 - Overall Junction                     
08 - Pep Talk                             
09 - Pride And Joy                        
10 - Turn It Over                         
11 - Who Is Stevie                        

Strauss - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

01 - The Emperor Waltz, Opus 437
02 - Waltz On The Beautiful Blue Danube, Opus 314
03 - Overture Die Fledermaus, Opus 362
04 - Feuerfest Polka, Opus 269
05 - Tritsch - Tratsch Polka, Opus 214
06 - Pizzicato Polka 
07 - Perpetuum Mobile, Opus 257
08 - Bahn Frei Polka, Opus 45 
09 - Radetzky March, Opus 228 
10 - Tales From The Vienna Woods, Opus 325
11 - Thunder & Lightning Polka, Opus 324 
12 - Waltz Roses From The South, Opus 388

Duke Ellington and Johnny Hodges - Side By Side - Digital Noise Cleaning and Mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2010.

01 - Stompy Jones
02 - Squeeze Me
03 - Big Shoe
04 - Going Up
05 - Just A Memory
06 - Let's Fall In Love
07 - Ruint
08 - Bend One
09 - You Need To Rock