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Rhoda Scott - Live at the Club Saint-German LP 1974 - Digital transfer noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

The disc is made ​​of a continuous live recording, so there is no pause between tracks.

Data format:     WAV

(LP 1)
1. Also spracht Zarathustra
2. Espoir
3. Floor lip
4. Le Saint-Germain

(LP 2)
1. Shiny stockings
2. Take it easy
3. You are the sunshine of my life
4. Slipping into darkness

One of the grooviest albums ever from organist Rhoda Scott -- a hip, double-length set recorded at the Club Saint Germain in Paris -- often with a good deal of funk in the mix! Rhoda's working here in a slightly expanded version of her usual format -- her own Hammond organ in the lead, plus drums from Cees Kranenburg and tenor sax from Leo Johnson -- the last of which makes for a wonderful addition to the groove! Most tracks are quite long, and build with a good sense of energy -- almost jamming at times, with the drums used much more heavily than on other Scott albums. And Johnson's sax is great too -- bringing in a sharper edge that really deepens the soul, and helps show a side of Rhoda that wasn't always caught on record at the time. Titles include a killer 18-minute version of War's "Slipping Into Darkness", a funky take on "Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)", and the originals "Espoir", "Floor Lip", "Le Saint Germain", and "Nyugi-Nyugi". © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

2LP - Barclay 80.835/80.536- France
Paris May 16 & 17, 1974 with Cees Kranenburg Jr. (d

Ez az album hihetetlen rossz állapotban került hozzám.
A felvételek restaurálva lettek. ( zaj, recsegés, brumm stb) tekintetében.
Az elkészűlt hanganyag ezek után masterelve lett, hogy a végső hangminőséget hallhassuk a felvételek kijavítása után.

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Rhoda Scott - Beyond the Sea - ( Restored version ) Audio Design Studio

01 - Half Moon Bay       
02 - My One and Only Love
03 - Falling in Love with Love  By the River Saint Marie (Vocal)
04 - Beyond the Sea      
05 - Green Dolphin Street
06 - Beyond the Sea (Vocal)
07 - Roll'em Pete (Vocal)
08 - Secret Love         
09 - Blue Bossa


Rickey Woodard - tenor saxophone
Akira Tana - drums
Rhoda Scott - organ


Rhoda Scott

Born: July 3, 1938 Instrument: Organ, Hammond B3. The daughter of an AME minister, Scott spent much of her childhood in New Jersey, where she learned to play organ in the churches where her father served. Soon she herself was serving frequently as organist for youth and gospel choirs at her father's and other churches. Scott later studied classical piano, but she concentrated on the organ, eventually earning a Masters' degree in music theory from the Manhattan School of Music. By this time she had been asked by a choir member to fill in with a small band as a jazz pianist. Enjoying the music, she agreed to stay on with the band on condition that she be allowed to play organ instead of piano. Choosing as her instrument the Hammond Organ, she soon became a preeminent jazz musician.

Scott was first attracted to the organ in her father’s church at age seven. “It's really the most beautiful instrument in the world,” she stated in a recent interview. “The first thing I did was take my shoes off and work the pedals.”[1] From then on she always played her church organ in her bare feet, and to this date she has continued the practice, earning her nicknames such as “The Barefoot Lady” and “The Barefoot Contessa.” Following her lead, many other performers of popular organ music now also play barefoot. Because of her church training, however, Scott uses the pedals to play a genuine bass line, unlike many other jazz organists, which allows her to use her left hand for more elaborate chord work.[2] The resulting music is an energetic fusion of musical styles that partakes of jazz, gospel, and classical, reflecting both Scott’s early experience and her formal training.

In 1967 Scott moved to France, where she has since spent most of her career and earned recognition far greater than that accorded to her in the United States, though she often performs in the latter country as well.

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Linda Ronstadt - Round Midnight (3 / 1) (3 / 2) (3 / 3)Lp Digital restored, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio made 2012.

This is the total of three albums as promised!

Linda Ronstadt - Round Midnight 3 / 1 Lp

1A.01 What's New                         
1A.02 I've Got A Crush On You            
1A.03 Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry
1A.04 Crazy He Calls Me                  
1A.05 Someone To Watch Over Me           
1B.06 I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance  
1B.07 What'll I Do                       
1B.08 Lover Man (Oh Where Can You Be)    
1B.09 Good-Bye                            

Linda Ronstadt - Round Midnight 3 / 2 Lp

2A.01 When I Fall In Love                
2A.02 Skylark                            
2A.03 It Never Entered My Mind           
2A.04 Mean To Me                         
2A.05 When Your Lover Has Gone           
2A.06 I'm A Fool To Want You             
2B.07 You Took Advantage Of Me           
2B.08 Sophisticated Lady                 
2B.09 Can't We Be Friends                
2B.10 My Old Flame                       
2B.11 Falling In Love Again              
2B.12 Lush Life  

Linda Ronstadt - Round Midnight 3 / 3 Lp

3A.01 When You Wish Upon a Star               
3A.02 Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered        
3A.03 You Go To My Head                       
3A.04 But Not For Me                          
3A.05 My Funny Valentine                      
3B.06 I Get Along Without You Very Well       
3B.07 Am I Blue                               
3B.08 I Love You For Sentimental Reasons      
3B.09 Straighten Up And Fly Right             
3B.10 Little Girl Blue                        
3B.11 'Round Midnight                          

2012. augusztus 14., kedd

Big Ben Hawaiian Band - A Taste of Hawaiian LP Digital restored and noise cleaning, at Audio Design Studio made 2012.

Link OK !!!

01-A1 - A lover's concerto 
02-A2 - Three coins in the fountain.    
03-A3 - Yesterday          
04-A4 - Blue moon          
05-A5 - The bandit         
06-A6 - Carnival           
07-A7 - Hawaii             
08-A8 - Quiet nights of quiet stars       
09-B1 - Cherokee           
10-B2 - Michelle                                 
11-B3 - Volare.                                     
12-B4 - Star eyes                           
13-B5 - You are my lucky star                   
14-B6 - Kiss                                 
15-B7 - How soon 

2012. augusztus 12., vasárnap

Harkány Big Band No 1. Digital restored and mixed, at Audio Design Studio made 2012

Bonus correction Track 01 01 - Take The A Train  

Ez az album a 2011-ben feltett anyag digitális javítása.
Az eredeti felvételek sajnos tele voltak mesterségesen készített hang hibákkal, feltehetően a másolások megakadályozása végett.
Most ezek a hibák lettek kijavítva a felvételekből

Harkány Big Band - No 1.

01 - Take The A Train                                   
02 - Mitternachts Blues                                 
03 - Poor Richard Blues                                 
04 - Alexander's Ragtime Band                           
05 - Splenky                                            
06 - Concerto For Trumpet                               
07 - Patsy Foot                                         
08 - A String Of Pearls                                 
09 - Petite Fleur                                       
10 - Route 66                                           
11 - Why Not                                            
12 - Concerto Du Aranjuez                               
13 - Night Train                                        
14 - The Muppet Show Theme                              
15 - Adagio In Sol Minore                               
16 - Caravan                                            
17 - Tuxedo Junction                                    
18 - Sure Thing                                         

Zenekar vezető: Nagy Gyula - alt-szaxofon

Ének: Sudár Anita

Ritmus szekció:

Balogh Balázs - dob
Kaszás Csaba - gitár
Berecz Gábor - zongora
Rozgonyi Róbert - bass


Ungvári Betti - altsax
Juhász Tamás - tenorsax 1
Járemko Igor - tenorsax 2, baritonsax


Péter Norbert
Matyi Viktor
Rácz Rudolf
Vucseta László


Kovács László
Gyurkó István
Kerner Mariann
Márki Norbert
Szekeres János

A Harkány Big Band 1998-ban alakult harkányi és pécsi zenészekből. A zenekarnak jelenleg 18 tagja van (5 szaxofon, 5 trombita, 4 harsona és 4 fős ritmus szekció).Big Band formációnk főleg jazz standardokat játszik, de műsorunkban szerepelnek örökzöldek és világhírű melódiák is. Repertoárunkat folyamatosan bővítjük.
A Harkány Big Band rendszeres fellépője Harkány város rendezvényeinek, de számos külföldi szerepléssel is népszerűsítettük a big band zenét.
Kétévente minősítő versenyen veszünk részt, amelyet a Magyar Jazz Szövetség rendez, és ahol a zsűriben neves jazz zenészek, szakértők foglalnak helyet. Minősítésünk a következő eredményekkel zárult: 2004-ben és 2006-ban A kategóriában ezüst minősítést szereztünk, míg 2008-ban sikerült elnyernünk az arany fokozatot,amely a legjobb minősítésnek számít.
Közös projectjeink is vannak neves zenészekkel. Egyikük Muck Ferenc, nemzetközileg is elismert szaxofonos, akivel több alkalommal sikerült koncertet szerveznünk. Bagi Dániel pécsi zeneszerző műveit pedig évek óta játsszuk, a tavalyi évben nagysikerű koncertet adtunk vele Pécsett.
Jelenleg új műsorunkat próbáljuk Sudár Anita pécsi énekesnővel.
Nagy Gyula - Célunk a big band zene népszerűsítése és színvonalas, szórakoztató koncertek adása.