2012. augusztus 14., kedd

Big Ben Hawaiian Band - A Taste of Hawaiian LP Digital restored and noise cleaning, at Audio Design Studio made 2012.

Link OK !!!

01-A1 - A lover's concerto 
02-A2 - Three coins in the fountain.    
03-A3 - Yesterday          
04-A4 - Blue moon          
05-A5 - The bandit         
06-A6 - Carnival           
07-A7 - Hawaii             
08-A8 - Quiet nights of quiet stars       
09-B1 - Cherokee           
10-B2 - Michelle                                 
11-B3 - Volare.                                     
12-B4 - Star eyes                           
13-B5 - You are my lucky star                   
14-B6 - Kiss                                 
15-B7 - How soon 

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eddynat írta...

Thank you bro for this great album !
Best regards

eddynat írta...

Thank you for this great album !
Link is in error !
Shold be: