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Rare Earth - In Concert Oroginal LP - 1971 Digital transfer, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Download_2 DATA

Rare Earth - 01 - I Just Want to Celebrate
Rare Earth - 02 - Hey Big Brother
Rare Earth - 03 - Born to Wander
Rare Earth - 04 - Get Ready
Rare Earth - 05 - What'd I Say
Rare Earth - 06 - Houghts
Rare Earth - 07 - ( I Know) I'm Losing You
Rare Earth - 08 - Nice to Be With You ( Bonus Track )


A Rare Earth - In Concert című lemeze, amely 1971-ben került kiadásra, egy igazán klasszikusnak mondható rock zenei produkció. Ez a zenekar is arról volt híres, hogy igazán nagyszerű koncerteket tudtak a rajongóknak produkálni. A studió lemezeik is jók voltak de az élő produkciók mégis maradandóbbak voltak a rajongók számára. A napokban találtam rá erre az albumra, amiről már rég elfeledkeztem, Pedig ezek a régi lemezek a régi szép időket hozzák vissza. A zenekar szinte a legnagyobb slágereit játsza ezen a lemezen. Az album természetesen élő felvétel volt.
Ezt a zenei anyagot írtam át, és javítottam ki. A lemez eredetileg folyamatos hanganyag, Ezért a fileok egybeírását egy NÉRÓ-val O szünettel egybe lehet írni, hogy folyamatos legyen a lemezanyag

The Rare Earth entitled disc of In Concert , which in 1971 cost onto an expenses, one can be said rock musical production is to classic . I came across the loose-leaf album , in the days which I forgot for a long time . These old discs bring the old fair weathers back . His largest number ones let the military band almost play hereupon on disc . He was the loose-leaf album living taking up .
I sent a note to this musical matter , and I coopered it up . The printing plate originally ongoing volume of voice , so serially written , pilfer it 200 msecs he is strictly between number , the he is asking what as crack he may hear that because of mp3 .

Juicy Lucy - Lie Back And Enjoy It LP ( P ) 1970


Juicy Lucy - 01 - Mississippi Woman
Juicy Lucy - 02 - Who Do You Love
Juicy Lucy - 03 - She's Mine She's Yours
Juicy Lucy - 04 - Just One Time
Juicy Lucy - 05 - Chicago North Western
Juicy Lucy - 06 - Train
Juicy Lucy - 07 - Nadine
Juicy Lucy - 08 - Are You Satisfied
Juicy Lucy - 09 - Thinking Of My Life
Juicy Lucy - 10 - Built For Comfort
Juicy Lucy - 11 - Pretty Woman
Juicy Lucy - 12 - Whisky In My Jar
Juicy Lucy - 13 - Hello L.A. Bye Bye Birmingham
Juicy Lucy - 14 - Changed My Mind
Juicy Lucy - 15 - That Woman's Got SOmething
Juicy Lucy - 16 - Willie The Pimp
Juicy Lucy - 17 - Lie Back And Enjoy It

`Juicy Lucy' was formed in 1969 by ace steel guitarist Glen `Ross' Campbell out of the ashes of 'The Misunderstood'. During its life span Juicy Lucy had two saxophonists, two keyboard players, three guitarists, two vocalists, and four bass players going through the ranks. By the time of the fourth album 'Pieces', there was not one founder member left. Even Glen `Ross' Campbell had left in despair. Regardless of all these musical chairs, on release this album went into the charts on the crest of a wave as Juicy Lucy had just had a hit single with `Who Do You Love'. The single reached #14 in the British Top Thirty and stayed there for three months. Then 'Lie Back And Enjoy It' (their next album was called 'Get A Whiff Of This', wonderfully funny titles, nearly as good as my favorite album title of all time - Spooky Tooth's `You Broke My Heart So I Busted Your Jaw' who says romance is dead?) was released on the progressive rock label Vertigo. Vertigo had the marvelously hypnotic record label that when it whizzed round on your turn table, would send you dizzy. Vertigo was the home record label for most of the bands that were considered underground or cult at the time such as 'Black Sabbath', `Uriah Heep', 'The Sensational Alex Harvey Band', 'Gentle Giant', and `Status Quo' to name but a few. Fortunately Repertoire Records have released this C.D. version of 'Lie Back and Enjoy It ' and a very good job of it they have done, too. They gave the buying public a very good deal with a full reproduction of the foldout cover and two extra bonus tracks to add onto the original nine tracks. But for those of you who miss the hypnotic record label, try your hand at the double C.D. 'Still Dizzy After All These Years', a fine collection of the Vertigo years featuring many bands that went onto bigger and better things, and some that for reasons only known by the masters of rock 'n' roll didn't. With the C.Ds and cover printed with the correct squiggles, 'Lie Back and Enjoy It' went straight into the British charts at #53 in November 1970.

The passage of time has not been kind to some of the songs on this album. Standard blues material with plenty of embellishments from the musicians currently find a home within the ranks. Hereby lays the most pressing problem. With such a liquid lineup it was hard for `Juicy Lucy' to actually sound like a band, not just a group of musicians thrown together in the recording studio. Half the band plays as if they were worried that they would soon be booted out of the band (they were), whilst the other half play as if they had the knowledge that after this recording they were going to move onto new fresh pastures (which they did - notably Micky Moody to 'WhiteSnake', Rod Coombes to `Stealers Wheel & then the Strawbs' and Keith Ellis to `Spooky Tooth').

Yet, there are some astounding performances from the guitar works of Micky Moody, the steel guitar works of Glenn `Ross' Campbell, the occasional saxophone break from Chris Mercer, and the ever impressive vocals of Paul Williams (one of the most underrated blues singers to ever tread the boards and bend a microphone. The first seven tracks are fair compositions including a cover of the old Willie Dixon Blues Classic 'Built for Comfort'. The band aimlessly stumbles through many genres of the rock 'n' roll spectrum, from blues to country, and heavy rock to pop. However, it's not until they crack open the Frank Zappa jewel from Hot Rats 'Willie the Pimp' that the band really jell, let their hair down, giving it a go with the confidence that these superior musicians should have. The results are startling with Paul Williams singing at his most Beefheartesque (I do not know if that's a word or not, but if it isn't, it should be) and Micky Moody laying down two smokin' slide guitar solos, while the whole band joins in the fun with a truly rumbustious display.

All in all a pretty average display (apart from the magnificent 'Willie The Pimp'), but worth the while if you fancy some of that early seventies feel.

Jazz Hot Swing - Jazz in Norway 1920 - 1940


01 - Orpheum Duo - Chatterbox, ragtime (xxx)
02 - Knstian Haugers Jazzorkester - Norsk Jazz fantasi I. del (arr. K. Hauger)
03 - Kristian Haugers Jazzorkester - Norsk jazz fantasi 2. del (arr. K. Hauger)
04 - Kristian Haugers Jazzorkester - Syd Georgia hvalfanger (Karl Tast)
05 - WilIie Vieths Orkester - Med litte granne humor (J. Book Jenssen/H. Woode)
06 - Kristian Haugers Orkester - Jubilation rag (Bowsher)
07 - Kristian Haugers Orkester - Mr. Rhythm man (GiffordiWatts/Grady)
08 - Vieths Trekkspillorkester - Honolulu LuIu (WilIysIValde)
09 - Kristian Haugers Orkester - Caravan (Juan Tizol)
10 - Funny Boys - Tiger rag (Nick LaRocca)
11 - Funny Boys - Cocktail (Funny Boys)
12 - Freddie Valiers String Swing - Nobody’s sweetheart (Meyers/Schoebel)
13 - Freddie Valiers String Swing - I found a new baby (Spencer Williams)
14 - Finn Westbyes Kvartett - Once upon a time (Benny Carter)
IS - Cecil Aagaard 8 his Swingsters - Honeysuckle rose (Fats WalIer)
16 - Gunnar Sonstevolds Swing Four - Hansen’s siste (G. Sonstevold)
17 - Gunnar Sonstevolds Swing Four - Oslo jump (G. Sonstevold)
18 - Gunnar Sonstevolds Swing Four - Bel ami (Theo Mackeben) -
19 - Oslo Swingklubbs Band - l’m coming Virginia (CooklHeywood)
20 - Jacques Butler 8 his Swing Patrol - - After the ball (K. Harris)
21 - Sonstevolds Swing Four - You’ve got me woodoo’d (L. Armstrong/L. Russell)
22 - String Swing - Farewell blues (Rappolo/Mares/Schoebel)

Jazz Cool Klovet and Dixie 1950 - 1960



01 - Orkester sammensatt av Lau - A ghost of a chance (V. Young/N. Washington)
02 - Orkester sammensatt av Lau - Tickie toe (Lester Young)
03 - Rowlands Kvintett - After you’ve gone (Henry CreamerlTurner Layton)
04 - Niis Bertil Dahlanders Kvartett - Take the A-train (Biily Strayhorn)
05 - Verden Rundt’s Ali Star Band 1953 - Perdido (Juan Tizol)
06 - The Anthony Ortega Quartet - Sweet Georgia Brown (M. Pinkard/B. Bernie)
07 - Herman’s Norwegian Jazz Group - Crazy rhythm (J. Mayer/R. W. Kahn)
08 - Herman’s Norwegian Jazz Group - I surrender dear (Harry Barris)
09 - The Modern Swing Group - Flying home (B. Goodman/L. Hampton)
10 - Tore Fayes Kvartett - Lover come back to me (Sigmund Romberg)
11 - Carsten Kloumarss Trio - Shine (Ford Dabney)
12 - Kjeil jol-iansens Orkester - Takin’ a chance on love (Vernon Duke)
13 - Atie Hammers Orkester - Seven eleven (Richard Carpenter)
14 - The Big ChiefJazzband - Wrap your troubles in dreams (Harry Barris)
15 - Verden Rundt’s Ali Star Band 1954 - Jumpin’ at The Woodside (C. Basie)
16 - Frank Ottersens Orkester - Soft sound (Frank Ottersen)
17 - Verden Rundt’s Ali Star Band 1955 - Swingtime in Norway (E Monn-iversen)
18 - Bjarne Nerems Kvartett - Takin’ a chance on love (Vernon Duke)
19 - Eiiif Holms Kvartett - Dinah (Harry Akst)
20 - The Hot Saints Jazzband - Savoy biues (Kid Ory)
21 - Norwegian Ali Star Concert 1958 - V. R. blues (Eiiif Hoim)
22 - Norwegian Ali Star Concert 1958 - Indiana (James Haniey)
23 - Mikkei Fiagscads Kvartett - Ali the things you are (Jerome Kern)

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The Puppini Sisters - Betcha Bottom Dollar Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio 2012


The Puppini Sisters - 01 - Sisters
The Puppini Sisters - 02 - Mr Sandman
The Puppini Sisters - 03 - Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (Form Company B)
The Puppini Sisters - 04 - Java Jive
The Puppini Sisters - 05 - Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
The Puppini Sisters - 06 - Wuthering Heights
The Puppini Sisters - 07 - Jeepers Creepers
The Puppini Sisters - 08 - I Will Survive
The Puppini Sisters - 09 - Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano (Recitative)
The Puppini Sisters - 10 - Tu Vuo' Fa L'Americano
The Puppini Sisters - 11 - Falling in Love Again
The Puppini Sisters - 12 - Heart Of Glass
The Puppini Sisters - 13 - Sway
The Puppini Sisters - 14 - Panic
The Puppini Sisters - 15 - Heebie Jeebies
The Puppini Sisters - 16 - In the Mood

Egy album, amely a régi idők hangulát idézi fel, teljesen új és mai előadásban. Ami viszont a leborzasztóbb, hogy ez az album az eklatáns minta arra, hogy egy cd-n megjelent hanganyagot hogyan lehet dilettáns módon úgy lemásolni, hogy az egész album ugy szóltjon, mintha legalább 1960-ban készült volna. Tehát mivel nem állt rendelkezésre egy jó másolat igy ebből kellett faragni egy jó verziót. Hát talán sikerült egy halgathatót alkotni....... Ime !

The Puppini Sisters are a musical trio specializing in 1940s-style close harmony vocal music.
The members are Italian Marcella Puppini and English Stephanie O'Brien and Kate Mullins. Although the three are not related, they chose their name in tribute to The Andrews Sisters. Puppini first studied fashion design at St. Martins School of Art, and later joined Stephanie O'Brien and Kate Mullins at Trinity College of Music in London. The Puppini Sisters are currently supported by a three-piece band featuring Martin Kolarides on guitar, Henry Tyler on drums/percussion and upright bassist Henrik Jensen.
The group was founded by Puppini after she was inspired by the animated film Belleville Rendez-vous. The Puppini Sisters' debut single, "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy", is a cover of the iconic hit single by The Andrews Sisters. One of the more unusual songs in their repertoire is Kate Bush's "Wuthering Heights".
The Puppini Sisters' second album, The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo, followed in the tongue-in-cheek footsteps of Betcha Bottom Dollar, and included original compositions by Puppini, O'Brien and Mullins. The Ruby Woo of the album title is a reference to MAC Cosmetics' 'Ruby Woo' lipstick: a favourite of the rockabilly scene and of the Puppini Sisters themselves. 'Ruby Woo' is also the preferred lipstick of The Cure frontman Robert Smith, a singer Marcella Puppini has admitted she would love to duet with.
The Puppini Sisters were originally scheduled to appear on Making Your Mind Up, the United Kingdom's preselection show for the Eurovision Song Contest 2007, however their submitted material was deemed inappropriate.[citation needed]

"Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" (2006)
"Jingle Bells/Silent Night (Little Match Seller)" (December 2006) iTunes only release
"Spooky" (2007)
"Crazy in Love" (2007)
"Jilted" (2008)

Betcha Bottom Dollar (July 31, 2006 U.K., May 1, 2007 U.S., March 2008 France. According to the official website the album as of May 2, 2007 was ranked in the number two position on the amazon.com bestsellers list and as of May 9 number two on the U.S. Jazz Charts and number nine on the U.S. new artist chart
The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo (October 1, 2007 U.K.), (February 2008 U.S.) featuring classic covers, 1940s style reworkings of contemporary music, and a selection of original compositions

The Jazz Album 2006 UCJ (2006)
Now That's What I Call Xmas Virgin (2006)
The Very Best of Latin Jazz UCJ (2007)
Magicians OST Universal (2007)
Lost Vagueness OST Universal (2007)
Bolero Fashion Sound compiled by Olivier Rohrbach Universal (2007)
Jazziz 8 compilation by Jazziz Magazine (2007)

The group recorded a close harmony version of the song "Apart of Me", by Stephen Coates of The Real Tuesday Weld, and acted in the video for the song, playing "a corpse, murdering waitresses, worms and chickens". The group used period piece costumes based on a painting of Madame de Pompadour designed by Vivienne Westwood in their video for Jilted, an original song written by Marcella Puppini (not to be confused with the 1954 Theresa Brewer country number).

2007 Their first American television appearance occurred on June 12, 2007 when the group performed "Tu Vuo Fa L'Americano" on The View a daytime talk show.
The group completed a two-week engagement that started on May 29 in the Oak Room at the Algonquin Hotel in New York City, where audience members included Frankie Avalon, Rex Reed and Danny Aiello. In the summer of 2007, they performed at the Lattitude Festival, the Glastonbury Festival, the Quebec City International Summer Festival and the Montreal Jazz Festival. In the second half of August 2007, they completed a United States club tour that included a stop at the World Famous Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles on August 18th. On September 30th 2007 they performed at The Ritz Ballroom in Manchester, England, before moving on to a sell out show at the Shepherds Bush Empire in London, England, on October 3 2007, where they were presented with a gold CD to commemorate 100,000 sales of their first CD.
According to the trio one of the unusual shows the group has played was a private party in a millionaire’s penthouse apartment in Moscow “at the top of this incredibly tall building"
2008 The Sisters international touring schedule intensifies with the release of Ruby Woo in the US and Canada. Tours of Germany, the Middle East and dates around Europe increase, and a major gig in London's Koko is planned for April. 2008 concerts include the Dubai International Jazz Festival and the Super Bowl Pre-Game Show. According to their website they will tour the United States in June as guests of Cyndi

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Jelly ( plays Jelly Roll Morton 1992 )



The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 01 - Jelly's Jazz
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 02 - Georgia Swing
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 03 - Freakish
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 04 - Sidewalk Blues
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 05 - The Red Light District
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 06 - Milneberg Joys
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 07 - Mr. Ray -J- - Dead Man Blues
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 08 - Jungle Blues
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 09 - Shoe Shiner's Drag
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 10 - Wolverine Blues
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 11 - Jelly Roll's Misgiving
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 12 - The Pearls
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 13 - New Orleans Blues
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 14 - Kansas City Stomp
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - 15 - The One And Only - Georgia Swing Reprise

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band in its prime successfully mixed together R&B with the instrumentation of a New Orleans brass band. Featuring Kirk Joseph on sousaphone playing with the agility of an electric bassist, the group revitalized the brass band tradition, opening up the repertoire and inspiring some younger groups to imitate its boldness. Generally featuring five horns

 New Orleans music ushered in the 20th century with the wail of a joyful noise: collective improvisation, syncopated rhythms, eclectic stylization's, and an infectious joie de vivre that was exhilarating. Indeed, thanks to New Orleans musicians such as King Oliver, Jellyroll Morton, the ODJB, and, above all, Louis Armstrong, the 1920s became known as the "jazz age."
Just like early jazz was an amalgamation of the music of its era, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band's musical revolution was actually a reintroduction of the basic eclecticism that made jazz the most dynamic music of the 20th century. With the release of their new Mammoth Records recording Buck Jump, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band is poised to extend New Orleans music into the 21st century.
Founded in April of 1977, the formation of the Dirty Dozen created a musical revolution in New Orleans. For over seventy-five years, the brass band tradition existed largely unchanged until this forward looking, bebop influenced ensemble completely changed both the style and the repertoire of brass band music.
Trumpeter and bandleader Gregory Davis points out, "The concept of the Dirty Dozen is to play and experiment with all types of music. We will take a song - and not worry about if it is a jazz song or any particular type of song - we'll just take a song and see what we can do with it as The Dirty Dozen."
This time around the band has called on the services of John Medeski of Medeski, Martin & Wood to produce their new recording. "It's the first time we worked with a producer who actually plays an instrument on the record and is making a living as a musician. The company went for the first take concept. For them funky meant if it had a mistake in it, so what. And that was cool because it was like doing it live on a gig," commented Gregory Davis.
The results are impressive, Buck Jump offers a broad range of Dirty Dozen stylizations. From to a rollicking interpretation of "Run Joe," a song associated with jump blues master Louis Jordan all the way to a sax-heavy, hard blowing interpretation of Marvin Gay's anthem "Inner City Blues." Other tracks like "Unclean Waters" and "Pet the Kat" pack the same punch that the band is legendary for delivering in concert. There is no question that John Medeski's influence has helped The Dirty Dozen finally record an album that sounds like it catapults you into the middle of one of their live performances.
This spirit of experimentation has led to the Dirty Dozen playing songs as diverse as the jump blues war horse "Night Train," Thelonious Monk's modern jazz classic "Blue Monk" (which is now part of the standard New Orleans brass band repertoire), folk music such as "Little Liza Jane" and even television cartoon music such as the "Flintstones" theme. "We not only do jazz shows, we do rhythm and blues festivals, rock and roll gigs, blues festivals. Because we play a variety of music, it allows us to get into different venues that we probably would not have been invited to otherwise."
For over two decades the Dirty Dozen has literally been barnstorming the world (more than thirty countries on five continents) - they once knocked out 72 gigs in 90 days. They've played all the major festivals - Newport, New York, New Orleans Jazzfest, Playboy, Montreaux - and they have played one-nighters in no name venues in small towns you need a local map to find. If they didn't love the music, they couldn't keep up the pace, but, as their signature song exclaims, they roll on, confident that their "Feet Can't Fail Me Now."
Davis believes, "being a New Orleans band has marquee value. The other side of that coin is that people expect you to do a good job. The audience expects something special. So our challenge is, every night, to make sure that you are not only playing some good music, you have to also put on a good show."
Moreover, it's not just been dancers and the general public who have embraced the Dirty Dozen. The band is received broad critical acclaim including a "Jazz Album of the Year" award from CMJ, five star ratings from Downbeat and Jazz Times. Additionally, they have performed and/or recorded with an assortment of established musical giants: jazz greats Dizzy Gillespie, Danny Barker and Brandford Marsalis; New Orleans legends Dr. John, The Neville Brothers and Dave Bartholomew; pop stars Elvis Costello, The Black Crowes, and the Cajun two-stepping of Buckwheat Zydeco.
With Buck Jump the Dirty Dozen have added another stellar chapter to their growing legend. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band are the quintessential New Orleans band and Buck Jump is their testament.
The Dirty Dozen Play Jelly Roll Morton (Columbia)
by Ric Stewart

The Jelly Roll Morton legend has grown by leaps and bounds in the 90's with re-issues of Morton's recordings, Jelly's Last Jam, a Broadway musical starring Gregory Hines, and now 'Jelly', the sixth release from The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Morton's compositions are in good hands with the New Orleans octet who make it sound easy to hold onto the beat, the sense of play, and the sense of place embedded in these well-travelled tunes. This is essential New Orleans music, made more irresistable than ever by a timely, rich, digital recording. The Dirty Dozen pay a faithful tribute taking in Jelly's repertoire and putting out earbending re-arrangements complete with fanciful sycopated solos. All the tunes are recognizably both Dirty and Jelly.
While a few tracks on Jelly stand out due to sparkling arrangements by Gregory Davis, Roger Lewis, et al., it is a proper experience to let the whole cd wash over you in one listening. The group plays like a team with help from sidemen such as Eddie Bo on piano on "Dead Man's Blues", and 'Big Chief' and Smiley Ricks on the distinctive conga intro to "Jungle Blues". On 'Jelly', the Dirty Dozen creates aural and thematic unity and takes it in stride, most other recording artists these days would be doing well to perceive this as a potential goal.
The Dirty Dozen commemorate the importance of tradition as part of their job as a New Orleans Brass Band. For them to tackle an interesting one-off project, like 'Jelly', shows their respect for the history of the tunemaker as well as the tunes. Jelly Roll Morton deserves it- always flashy and brilliant as a composer, performer, pimp, pool-shark, card shark, racehorse owner, outrageous dresser and comedian- he stands out as a 20th Century music giant. Appropriately added details flesh out this historical project and set the composer's life and times against the background relief of his sounds. For example, in order to establish the feel of the tawdry late night atmosphere of the Red Light District during Jelly's time, on track five the late Danny Barker paints a picture in words of those wild, drunken times. He ought to know, he played with Jelly back in 1930! Jelly would be glad to be making such a strong comeback as he is on 'Jelly'.

Gregory Davis - trumpet & vocals
Roger Lewis - baritone & soprano sax
Kevin Harris - tenor sax
Efrem Towns - trumpet
Julius McKee - sousaphone
Terence Higgins - drums
Richard Knox - keyboards

Buck Jump (Mammoth 1999)
Ears To The Wall (Mammoth 1996)
Jelly (The Dirty Dozen Brass Band Plays Jelly Roll Morton) (Columbia 1993)
Open Up (Columbia 1991)
The New Orleans Album (Columbia 1990)
Voodoo (Columbia 1989)
Mardi Gras In Montreux (Rounder 1986)
My Feet Can't Fail Me Now (Concord Jazz 1984)

Jazz Sigaret Stomp - Jazz in Norway 1940 - 50



01 - Cecil Aagaard 8 his Swingsters - Nagasaki (DixoníWarren)
02 - String Swing - Lady be good (G. Gershwin)
03 - Alf Sogaards Orkester - Avalon (Al Jolson)
04 - Alf Sogaards Orkester - Tiger rag (Nick La Rocca)
05 - String Swing - Opus 5 (F. Chopin, arr. Charlie Shavers)
06 - Oivind Berghs Bristolorkester - Fantasi over “Pál sine hener” 2. del (arr. Engstrem)
07 - Rowlands Orkester - Big apple (David Redmond)
08 - Rowlands Orkester - St. Louis blues (W. C. Handy)
90 - Frank Ottersen og hans Sekstett - Opus I (Robert Normann)
10 - Syv Muntre - Sigarett stomp (Finn Westbye/AIf Malm/Juul Hansen)
11 - WiIl Arilds Orkester - Brenning (Frank Andersen/Kari Westby)
12 - WiIl Arilds Orkester - Bare et ord (Karl Westby)
13 - Fred Thunes’ Orkester - Mamma (Fred Thunes)
14 - Frank Ottersen og hans Sekstett - Mester Jacob (arr. Frank Ottersen)
15 - Frank Ottersen og hans Sekstett - Frankie’s signatur (Frank Ottersen)
16 - Segaards Danseorkester - Pike fortell meg et eventyr( E. Krahn)
17 - Sogaards Danseorkester - Melodi (Frank Ottersen)
18 - Syv Muntre - Bob’s vuggesang (Robert Normann)
19 - Syv Muntre - Opus 7 (Robert Normann)
20 - Karl Westbys Orkester - Sett deg under et epletre (L Brown/C. Tobías/H. Stept)
21 - Karl Westbys Orkester - Musikus hvor er du? (Karl Westby)
22 - Pete Browns Orkester - Gotta be thís or that (Sunny Skyler)
23 - Rolf Syversens Kvartett - 7 x 8 stomp (Frank Ottersen)
24 - Rolf Syversens Kvartett - Bagatell (Frank Ottersen)
25 - Thore Jederbys Kvartett Rhythm in a riff (BiIly Eckstine)
26 - Thore Jederbys Kvartett - Fine and dandy (Kay Swift)
27 - Willy Andresens Kvintett - Riffin in F (Per Nyhaug)

Shocking Blue - 3rd Album 1971 Lp Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio

Original LP Coover

Sajnos az eredeti album borítója olyan rossz állapotú volt, hogy abban a formájában nem lehetett feltenni. Itt egy digitálisan újra elkészített album boritó szerepel, ami tökéletesen megegyezik az eredetivel.

Original CD Coover



Original LP Version

Side 1

01. SHOCKING YOU ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
02. VELVET HEAVEN ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
03. LOVE SWEET LOVE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
04. I SAW YOUR FACE ( Reggis Mull )
05. SIMON LEE AND THE GANG ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
06. SERENAI3E ( Robbie van Leeuwen )

Side 2

01. DON’T YOU SEE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
02. THE BIRD OF PARADISE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
03. MOONLIGHT NIGHT ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
04. SLEEPLESS OF MIDNIGHT ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
05. I’LL FOLOW THE SUN ( Robbie van Leeuwen )

CD Version Bonus Track

12. Never Married A Railroad Man
13. Roll Engine Roll
14. Vaterloo
15. Blossom Lady
16. Is This A Dream
17. Poor Boy

Dutch group the Shocking Blue arouse in the year 1968 in Haag. The musical langiage, formed by the most torceful personaity of Dutch beat — by the composer and guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, originates in rock—and-roll tralition which came on Pop niusic scene in the fifties mn order to relish after roma unfruitful period its fruits again later in sixties. But it is not pora rock-and-roll. Vau Lan uwen, an excellent musician, has succeeded in his efforts to combine rockand—roll with more modern expressive means of Pop music. Even when the group does not try to make any more remarkable progress iii their music, one cannot deny the following fact: the Shocking Blue has proven to ereate a new type ot simpie, intelligihie and fresh song and at the same time to keep higher aesthetic standards and criteria than it is usnal in the majority ot common Pop music. A favourable acceptanc’ by the listeners from ali iver the world has only proven that such musical efforts are right. A testimony ot their popularity is also the fact that the Shocking Blue has supplied the music market with a lot ot hits within a very short time; from their hits the hit VENUS has got a speciai pince and it was tor a long time in the first places in hitparades not only ill the countries ot Benelux, but also in USA, France, Scandinavia, Italy, West Germany, Japan, Australia, Spamn and other countries. Though the guitarist and composer van Leeuwen already does not act together with the group, he still composes tor them new and new songs, interpreted by well harmonized group are a guarantee that the popularity ot the group is based on honest and professional affinity In tha music.

Shirley Scott - With Frank Szabo ( Lead trumpet ) Roll 'Em - Plays The Big Band


Shirley Scott - 01 - Roll 'Em
Shirley Scott - 02 - For Dancers Only
Shirley Scott - 03 - Sophisticated Swing
Shirley Scott - 04 - Sometimes I'm Happy
Shirley Scott - 05 - Little Brown Jug
Shirley Scott - 06 - Stompin' at the Savoy
Shirley Scott - 07 - Ain't Misbehavin'
Shirley Scott - 08 - A-Tisket A-Tasket
Shirley Scott - 09 - Things Ain't What They Used to Be
Shirley Scott - 10 - Tippin' In

Shirley Scott

An admirer of the seminal Jimmy Smith, Shirley Scott has been one of the organ's most appealing representatives since the late '50s. Scott, a very melodic and accessible player, started out on piano and played trumpet in high school before taking up the Hammond B-3 and enjoying national recognition in the late '50s with her superb Prestige dates with tenor sax great Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis. Especially popular was their 1958 hit "In the Kitchen." Her reputation was cemented during the '60s on several superb, soulful organ/soul-jazz dates where she demonstrated an aggressive, highly rhythmic attack blending intricate bebop harmonies with bluesy melodies and a gospel influence, punctuating everything with great use of the bass pedals. Scott married soul-jazz tenor man Stanley Turrentine, with whom she often recorded in the '60s. The Scott/Turrentine union lasted until the early '70s, and their musical collaborations in the '60s were among the finest in the field. Scott wasn't as visible the following decade, when the popularity of organ combos decreased and labels were more interested in fusion and pop-jazz (though she did record some albums for Chess/Cadet and Strata East). But organists regained their popularity in the late '80s, which found her recording for Muse. Though known primarily for her organ playing, Scott is also a superb pianist -- in the 1990s, she played piano exclusively on some trio recordings for Candid, and embraced the instrument consistently in Philly jazz venues in the early part of the decade. At the end of the '90s, Scott's heart was damaged by the diet drug combination, fen-phen, leading to her declining health. In 2000 she was awarded $8 million in a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the drug. On March 10, 2002 she died of heart failure at Presbyterian Hospital in Philadelphia

Enrique Chia - La Cuba Eterna (2008)

Enrique Chia - La Cuba Eterna (2008) DATA_1

Enrique Chia  DATA_2

01 - Enrique Chia - Siempre en Mi Corazón (Canción)
02 - Enrique Chia - El Manisero (Pregón)          
03 - Enrique Chia - Damisela Encantadora (Vals)   
04 - Enrique Chia - Noche Cubana (Bolero)         
05 - Enrique Chia - Lágrimas Negras (Son)         
06 - Enrique Chia - Noche Azul (Canción)          
07 - Enrique Chia - Mi Cielo Tropical (Bolero)    
08 - Enrique Chia - Que Rico Mambo (Mambo)        
09 - Enrique Chia - Siboney (Canción)             
10 - Enrique Chia - Mírala Que Linda Viene        
11 - Enrique Chia - Almendra (Danzón)             
12 - Enrique Chia - Ay Mamá Inés (Rumba)          
13 - Enrique Chia - La Comparsa (Comparsa)        
14 - Enrique Chia - Ritmando Cha, Cha, Cha (Cha, Cha, Cha)
15 - Enrique Chia - Bruca Maniguá (Canción Afro)  
16 - Enrique Chia - Guantanamera (Guajira)        
17 - Enrique Chia - Bella Cubana (Habanera)       

Bela Sanders - Bei Rosaroterm Licht - Tangos zum Vertlieben 1953 - 1959 ( 1984 ) Digital transfer noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Tango-Orchester DATA_1

Tango-Orchester DATA_2

Tango-Orchester DATA_3

(P) 1984

01 - A media luz (Bei rosarotem Licht) - 1955 mono
02 - Noche de estrellas - 1957 mono
03 - Hernando's hideaway - 1956 mono
04 - Nächte am La Plata - 1956 mono
05 - La palomita - 1954 mono
06 - Gitarren, spielt auf! - 1956 mono
07 - Hör' mein Lied, Violetta! - 1955 mono
08 - La campana - 1956 mono
09 - Olé guapa - 1953 mono
10 - Fantasia - 1957 mono
11 - Tango Marina - 1959 stereo
12 - Habanera - 1959 stereo

Chet Atkins Stay Tuned 1985

Chet Atkins Stay Tuned 1985 DATA

01 - Chet Atkins - Sunrise            
02 - Chet Atkins - Please Stay Tuned  
03 - Chet Atkins - Quiet Eyes         
04 - Chet Atkins - A Mouse In The House
05 - Chet Atkins - Some Leather And Lace
06 - Chet Atkins - The Cricket Ballet 
07 - Chet Atkins - Cosmic Square Dance
08 - Chet Atkins - The Boot And The Stone
09 - Chet Atkins - Tap Room           
10 - Chet Atkins - If I Should Lose You

Chet Atkins & Les Paul Chester 1977

Chet Atkins & Les Paul Chester 1977 DATA

01 - It's Been A Long, Long Time
02 - Medley - Moonglow-Picnic  
03 - Caravan                   
04 - It Had To Be You          
05 - Out Of Nowhere            
06 - Avalon                    
07 - Birth Of The Blues        
08 - Someday, Sweetheart       
09 - 'Deed I Do                
10 - Lover, Come Back To Me

Les Paul is known not only for his contributions to the development of the electric guitar, but for his wizardry in the studio as well (he was a pioneer in the use of multi-track recordings). Part of what makes CHESTER AND LESTER such a treat, however, is the straightforward, easy feel of the session, which seems leagues removed from Paul's painstakingly meticulous experiments. A duo date with Chet Atkins (who was greatly influenced and inspired by Paul), CHESTER AND LESTER showcases two guitar icons playing together as friends.

There is a heavy country flavor to these proceedings, but that doesn't keep either guitarist from flinging around stylistic references to jazz and other genres. Atkins' laid-back fingerpicking style is the perfect counterpoint to Paul's fretboard flurries. The sheer mythic weight created by these two innovators playing side by side is almost enough in itself to recommend the album, but--not surprisingly--the music is wonderful too.

2012. március 27., kedd

David Reinhardt Trio - The Way Of Heart

David Reinhardt Trio - The Way Of Heart DATA

01 David Reinhardt Trio - Bras Groove      
02 David Reinhardt Trio - Sponge Bob       
03 David Reinhardt Trio - The Way Of Heart 
04 David Reinhardt Trio - Theme For Emmanuel
05 David Reinhardt Trio - Moon Blue        
06 David Reinhardt Trio - Love Remembered  
07 David Reinhardt Trio - Lyresto          
08 David Reinhardt Trio - Beija Flor       
09 David Reinhardt Trio - Trouvaille      

101 Strings Last Tango In Paris LP 1975 Digital transfer, noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

101 StringsDATA_1

101 StringsDATA_2

101 StringsDATA_3

01 - Last Tango In Paris       
02 - Our First Rhapsody        
03 - Brington Belle            
04 - So Late                   
05 - Wonder Why, Who Cares     
06 - Blues White The City Sleeps
07 - There's No Answer For You 
08 - Blues In The Shadows      
09 - I Wonder Where Youv'e Been
10 - Midnight Rhapsody        

Gyárfás István Trio - Live At The Jazz Cafe Digital remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Live At The Jazz Cafe_DATA_1

Live At The Jazz Cafe_DATA_2

Live At The Jazz Cafe_DATA_3

Live At The Jazz Cafe_DATA_4

Live At The Jazz Cafe_DATA_5

01 - Cherokee                                
02 - Willow Weep For Me                      
03 - Boplicity                               
04 - Bernie's Tune                           
05 - Misty                                   
06 - Says You                                
07 - Polkadots And Moonbeams                 
08 - Body And Soul                           
09 - Meditation                              
10 - Five                                    
11 - Movin' Along                            
12 - Rock-A-Bye                        

Gyárfás István a fiatalabb muzsikusgeneráció jeles képviselője. Diplomáját a Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem Jazz Tanszékén szerezte. Másfél évtizede alakította trióját, amellyel 1995-ben elkészítette Live At The Jazz Café című első CD-jét. Gyárfás zenei példaképei Wes Montgomery és más mainstream jazz óriások. Deseő Csabával az utóbbi években rendszeresen lépnek fel együtt, ilyenkor a trió kvartetté bővül. Hazai koncertek mellett nagy sikerrel szerepeltek a közelmúltban Ausztriában, Dániában, Németországban és Romániában.
Alkalmanként kvintett formában is játszanak.


fellow musicians, he or she will become richer in their soul. István Gyárfás' guitar playing is always fresh, vivid and rich in emotions. Professionalism and immediacy are the two most characteristic elements of his performing art. He suggests both with his way of lpaying and with I think, if one had the chance to listen to a performance of the Gyárfás István Trio and his his open personality, that happiness is not in an unreachable distance from us. Péter Czakó and György Jeszenszky are the partners for many years of István Gyárfás. They all understand each other very well and the two men forms a stable rhythm section. I should mention the name of István Regõs, whose role on this album is much more important than just playing on saxophone. Regõs is a master of styles and proportions, he is an excellent arranger. He makes a significant contribution to this album. I cordially recommend this album to anybody and I hope there will be much more people with desire to come to the Jazz Café and listen to the live performance of the Gyárfás István Trio. - by Domonkos Asztalos, PCD Multimedia Ltd.
( szöveg Maci Laci )

2012. március 26., hétfő

Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington 1990

Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington 1990 DATA

01 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Satin Doll
02 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
03 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Sophisticated Lady
05 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - In A Mellow Tone
06 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Solitude 
07 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Don't Get Around Much Anymore
08 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Do Nothin Till You Hear From Me
09 - Joe Pass - Portraits Of Duke Ellington - Caravan 

Joe Pass - Eximious 1982

Joe Pass - Eximious 1982_DATA_1

Joe Pass - Eximious 1982_DATA_2

01 - Joe Pass - Eximious - A Foxy Chick And A Cool Cat
02 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Robbins Nest               
03 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Lush Life                  
04 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Serenata                   
05 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Love For Sale              
06 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Night And Day              
07 - Joe Pass - Eximious - We'll Be Together Again    
09 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Everything I've Got        
10 - Joe Pass - Eximious - Speak Low   

Joe Pass - Better Days 1997

01 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Head Start
02 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Burning Spear    
03 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Free Sample
04 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Better Days
05 - Joe Pass - Better Days - After School.ogg                                 
06 - Joe Pass - Better Days - We'll Be Together Again      
07 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Balbons   
08 - Joe Pass - Better Days - lt's Too Late
09 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Gotcha    
10 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Alison    
11 - Joe Pass - Better Days - The Preacher     
12 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Boogaloc  
13 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Flying Down Baja      
14 - Joe Pass - Better Days - My Bonnie 
15 - Joe Pass - Better Days - When Love 
16 - Joe Pass - Better Days - In The City
17 - Joe Pass - Better Days - Slick Cat

Joe Pass - Appassionato 1991

Joe Pass - Appassionato 1991 DATA_1

Joe Pass - Appassionato 1991 DATA_2

Joe Pass - Appassionato - Body And Soul             
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Grooveyard                
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Lil Darlin                
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Nica's Dream              
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Red Door                  
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Relaxin At Camarillo      
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Stuffy                    
Joe Pass - Appassionato - Tenderly                  
Joe Pass - Appassionato - That's Earl Brother       
Joe Pass - Appassionato - When It's Sleepy Time Down South
Joe Pass - Appassionato - You're Driving Me Crazy

Orchester Béla Sanders - Das große Tanzalbum 4 Digital noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.


LP 1

LP 2


01. Brazil - Samba bayon
02. Kiss me, honey honey, kiss me - Cha cha cha
03. Ganz leis erklingt Musik - Rumba bolero
04. People will say we're in love - Foxtrot
05. Candlelight waltz - Slow waltz
06. La bonita - Tango


07. Hello Dolly - Quickstep
08. In a little Spanish town - Blues boogie
09. Sous les ponts de Paris - Musette waltz
10. Bei dir war es immer so schön - Slowfoxtrot
11. Das gibts nur einmal - Quickstep
12. Salome - Foxtrot


13. Tanze mit mir in den Morgen - Tango
14. Love letters in the sand - Slowfoxtrot
15. Goody, goody - Blues boogie
16. El cumbanchero - Samba
17. Amorosa - Cha cha cha
18. Tulpen aus Amsterdam - Viennese waltz


19. Desafinado - Bossa nova
20. At the Darktown Strutter's ball - Charleston
21. I'll see you again - Slow waltz
22. Besame mucho - Rumba bolero
23. Luna Argentina - Tango
24. Jailhouse rock - Jive

2012. március 22., csütörtök

Béla Sanders und sein großes Tanz-Streich-Orchester - Walzerträume LP Digital transfer , noise cleaned and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Download_DATA 1


Download_DATA 3

Download_DATA 4

01 - Ballsirenen
02 - Bad'ner Madin
03 - Walzerträume
04 - Einen Walzer für dich und für mich
05 - O Frühling, wie bist du so schön
06 - Die Hochzeit der Winde
07 - Tanzen möcht' ich
08 - Wiener Bürger
09 - Puppenwalzer
10 - Erklingen zum Tanze die Geigen
11 - Dorfkinderwalzer
12 - Die Wunderbare

Album name : Walzerträume
Artist : Béla Sanders und sein großes Tanz-Streich-Orchester

2012. március 21., szerda

Guy Lombardo - Auld Lang Syne Digital remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.



01 - The Music Goes 'Round And Around
02 - Shine On Harvest Moon-My Gal Sal-Seems Like Old Times
03 - Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)
04 - The Band Played On-Meet Me In St Louis, Louis
05 - Auld Lang Syne
06 - Happy Days Are Here Again
07 - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
08 - (Lift Your Glass) Sing Until The Cows Come Home-Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here-Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight
09 - When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
10 - (There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Old Town (Tonight)

2012. március 20., kedd

Béla Sanders Spielt - Ball der Architekten und Ingenieure LP 1971 Digital transfer , noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.g

01 - Who's sorry now? - Quickstep
02 - The last waltz - Slow waltz
03 - The wedding samba - Samba
04 - Someone to watch over me - Slowfoxtrot
05 - Poinciana - Rumba
06 - I love you - Quickstep
07 - Puppet on a string - Cha cha cha
08 - Cumana - Samba
09 - Salome - Quickstep
10 - Venus waltz - Slow waltz
11 - Love letters in the sand - Slowfoxtrot
12 - Casatschok - Casatschok

2012. március 19., hétfő

Al Caiola - Music For Space Squirrels LP (1960) Digital transfer, noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

Download DATA_1

Download DATA_2

Download DATA_3

01 Nobodys Sweetheart
02 Bugle Call Rag
03 When The Saints Go Marching In
04 Guitar Boogie
05 Sweet Lorraine
06 Maple Leaf Rag
07 Diga Diga Doo
08 Goofus
09 Twelfth Street Rag
10 Farewell Blues
11 The Darktown Strutters Ball
12 Angry

Max Greger - Eine Legende in Musik

Download DATA

01 A String of Pearls
02 Moonlight Serenade
03 In the Mood
04 Silberfäden
05 Eine Reise Ins Glück [Sail Along]
06 Edelweiß
07 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
08 Das Fräulein Gerda- E. Plessnow-Im Leben Geht Alles Vorüber-Sie Willnicht
09 Memories
10 Moskauer Nächte
11 Tequila
12 You Are So Beautiful
13 Everybody Loves Somebody
14 Yesterday
15 An Angel
16 Midnight in Munich

2012. március 18., vasárnap

Buddy Morrow - Night Train LP 1951 Digital transfer , noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012

Download DATA_1

Download DATA 2

Download DATA 3

a1 - 01 Night Train ( Forrest, Simpkins )
a2 - 02 Fine and Mellow ( Holiday )
a3 - 03 Corrine Corrina ( Hendler, Morrow )
a4 - 04 Quarter to Twelve ( Walter )
a5 - 05 Re-Enlistment Blues ( Jones, Karger, Wells )
a6 - 06 Hey, Mrs. Jones ( Ragan)

b1 - 07 Greyhound ( Toombs )
b2 - 08 Some of These Days ( Brooks )
b3 - 09 One Mint Julep ( Toombs )
b4 - 10 Got You on My Mind ( Biggs, Thomas )
b5 - 11 The Boogie Woogie March ( Hendler, Morrow )
b6 - 12 All Night Long ( Forrest )

Artist: Buddy Morrow and His Orchestra Album:  Night Train
Year: 1951
Label: RcaVictor

With slick, Latin-influenced arrangements of swing classics, Buddy Morrow held on to his love for swing well past the movement's bitter end. In Night Train Morrow and his band perfectly typify the late sound of the classically hip big band that is most commonly heard in the swinging pop of Henry Mancini. While Morrow's characteristic trombone leads and the formulaic swing arrangements have a certain undeniable kitsch value, at the time of their making the big band movement had temporally ceased to evolve creatively; considering this, Morrow looks very conservative when compared to his contemporaries in the jazz world. Morrow's occasional vocal efforts ape the swagger of Sinatra, underlying the fact that Morrow was about ten years late of the big trends. The poppy Latin numbers, including "Hey Mrs. Jones," showcase the band at their best, with a full battery of bongos and Latin clave rhythms backing the full horn section. Juxtaposed with the burlesque wail of "Quarter to Twelve" and "Night Train," Morrow's band proves to be very capable of donning a variety of stylistic hats. Even if the rest of the world had turned their attention to the deconstructionist freedom of bop and left the memories of swing heroes like Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller in the dust, this record is able to prove that at his best, Morrow could swing as hard as any of them. Review    by Nate Cavalieri

Duane Eddy - The Guitar Man

Download DATA

01 - Dance With The Guitar Man
02 - Shazam!
03 - Kommotion
04 - Because They're Young
05 - Lonely One
06 - Moovin' 'N' Groovin'
07 - Peter Gunn
08 - Some Kinda Earthquake
09 - Theme From Dixie
10 - Cannonball
11 - Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar
12 - Ring of Fire
13 - Ramrod
14 - Trambone
15 - Bonnie Came Back
16 - Detour
17 - Rebel Rouser
18 - Yep!
19 - Forty Miles Of Bad Road
20 - Ragbone

B.B. King - Got My Mojo Working


01 I Need Your Love 02:23
02 Ghetto Woman 05:16
03 Sweet Sixteen 07:02
04 Everybody Lies A Little 03:45
05 Got My Mojo Working 04:37
06 Midnight Believer 04:59
07 Paying The Cost To Be The Boss 02:35
08 Confessing The Blues 04:57
09 Walkin' In The Sun 03:52
10 When It All Comes Down (I'll Still Be Around) 04:12

Al Caiola - Golden Guitar - LP Digital noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2010.

An album what was ruined with the much hush on a special manner.
The disk because of that after all worthy to save, because many pleasant melodies are audible from him.
Download DATA

01 - Ramblin' Rose
02 - Swingin' Safari
03 - I Can't Stop Lovin' You
04 - A Taste Of Honey
05 - Theme From 'Dr Kildare'
06 - On The Merry Go Round
07 - Roses Are Red
08 - Baby Elephant Walk
09 - Theme From 'A Summer Place'
10 - Your Cheatin' Heart
11 - You Don't Know Me

Al Caiola - Solid Gold Guitar Goes Hawaiian LP Digital noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio

An album what was ruined with the much hush on a special manner.
The disk because of that after all worthy to save, because many pleasant melodies are audible from him.

Download DATA

01 - Blue Hawaii
02 - Hawaiian Wedding Song
03 - Song Of Old Hawaii
04 - Sugar Island
05 - On The Beach At Waikiki
06 - Hawaiian Tattoo
07 - Sweet Leilani
08 - To You Sweetheart Aloha
09 - Drifting And Dreaming
10 - Aloha My Tani
11 - Hawaiian War Chant
12 - Aloha Oe