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Memphis Slim - Buddy Guy - Juniors Wells - South Side Reunion LP 1972 Digital Remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.


01 - When Buddy comes to town
02 - How long Blues         
03 - Good time Charlie      
04 - You call me at last    
05 - You're the one         
06 - No                     
07 - Help me some           
08 - Rolling and tumbling   
09 - Jamming at the Castle  
10 - You're the One (Alternative version)


Pianist/singer Peter "Memphis Slim" Chatman (1915-1988) enjoyed one of the longest and most successful careers in blues history. His trademarks were hearty, robust singing (somewhat similar to that of B.B. King) and style on the keys that's equal parts earthiness and elegance. Slim moved to France in 1962, and in 1970, fellow blues stars Buddy Guy and Junior Wells were passing through and set aside some studio time with their old friend. SOUTHSIDE REUNION (originally released in 1972) was the result, a set of relaxed but high-spirited performances, notable for unusually restrained yet sweetly stinging guitar work by Guy.

Personnel: Memphis Slim (vocals, piano); Peter Chatman (vocals, piano); Jimmy Conley (alto saxophone, tenor saxophone); A.C. Reed (tenor saxophone); Roosevelt Shaw (drums); Buddy Guy (vocals, guitar, piano); Junior Wells (harmonica).

Recording information: 09/17/1970/09/18/1970.

Down Beat (p.65) - 3.5 stars out of 5 -- "Guy and Slim show conviction of a princely sort communicating on 'You Called Me At Last'..."
Living Blues (p.66) - "Guy, in 1970, was still in possession of taste and imagination as well as his notoriously incendiary chops, and his interweavings with Slim are alternately pristine and roof-raising."

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