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Shocking Blue - 3rd Album 1971 Lp Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio

Original LP Coover

Sajnos az eredeti album borítója olyan rossz állapotú volt, hogy abban a formájában nem lehetett feltenni. Itt egy digitálisan újra elkészített album boritó szerepel, ami tökéletesen megegyezik az eredetivel.

Original CD Coover



Original LP Version

Side 1

01. SHOCKING YOU ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
02. VELVET HEAVEN ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
03. LOVE SWEET LOVE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
04. I SAW YOUR FACE ( Reggis Mull )
05. SIMON LEE AND THE GANG ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
06. SERENAI3E ( Robbie van Leeuwen )

Side 2

01. DON’T YOU SEE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
02. THE BIRD OF PARADISE ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
03. MOONLIGHT NIGHT ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
04. SLEEPLESS OF MIDNIGHT ( Robbie van Leeuwen )
05. I’LL FOLOW THE SUN ( Robbie van Leeuwen )

CD Version Bonus Track

12. Never Married A Railroad Man
13. Roll Engine Roll
14. Vaterloo
15. Blossom Lady
16. Is This A Dream
17. Poor Boy

Dutch group the Shocking Blue arouse in the year 1968 in Haag. The musical langiage, formed by the most torceful personaity of Dutch beat — by the composer and guitarist Robbie van Leeuwen, originates in rock—and-roll tralition which came on Pop niusic scene in the fifties mn order to relish after roma unfruitful period its fruits again later in sixties. But it is not pora rock-and-roll. Vau Lan uwen, an excellent musician, has succeeded in his efforts to combine rockand—roll with more modern expressive means of Pop music. Even when the group does not try to make any more remarkable progress iii their music, one cannot deny the following fact: the Shocking Blue has proven to ereate a new type ot simpie, intelligihie and fresh song and at the same time to keep higher aesthetic standards and criteria than it is usnal in the majority ot common Pop music. A favourable acceptanc’ by the listeners from ali iver the world has only proven that such musical efforts are right. A testimony ot their popularity is also the fact that the Shocking Blue has supplied the music market with a lot ot hits within a very short time; from their hits the hit VENUS has got a speciai pince and it was tor a long time in the first places in hitparades not only ill the countries ot Benelux, but also in USA, France, Scandinavia, Italy, West Germany, Japan, Australia, Spamn and other countries. Though the guitarist and composer van Leeuwen already does not act together with the group, he still composes tor them new and new songs, interpreted by well harmonized group are a guarantee that the popularity ot the group is based on honest and professional affinity In tha music.

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