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Rhoda Scott - Live at the Club Saint-German LP 1974 - Digital transfer noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio 2012.

The disc is made ​​of a continuous live recording, so there is no pause between tracks.

Data format:     WAV

(LP 1)
1. Also spracht Zarathustra
2. Espoir
3. Floor lip
4. Le Saint-Germain

(LP 2)
1. Shiny stockings
2. Take it easy
3. You are the sunshine of my life
4. Slipping into darkness

One of the grooviest albums ever from organist Rhoda Scott -- a hip, double-length set recorded at the Club Saint Germain in Paris -- often with a good deal of funk in the mix! Rhoda's working here in a slightly expanded version of her usual format -- her own Hammond organ in the lead, plus drums from Cees Kranenburg and tenor sax from Leo Johnson -- the last of which makes for a wonderful addition to the groove! Most tracks are quite long, and build with a good sense of energy -- almost jamming at times, with the drums used much more heavily than on other Scott albums. And Johnson's sax is great too -- bringing in a sharper edge that really deepens the soul, and helps show a side of Rhoda that wasn't always caught on record at the time. Titles include a killer 18-minute version of War's "Slipping Into Darkness", a funky take on "Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001)", and the originals "Espoir", "Floor Lip", "Le Saint Germain", and "Nyugi-Nyugi". © 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

2LP - Barclay 80.835/80.536- France
Paris May 16 & 17, 1974 with Cees Kranenburg Jr. (d

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