2013. január 26., szombat

Gramophone Records - Digital noise cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio made 2013.

Gramophone Records_DATA

01 Choo Choo - Jack Hylton And His Orchestra
02 Masculine Women And Feminine Men - Savoy Havana Band
03 Singapore Sorrows - Fred Elizalde And His Music
04 Nobody's Using It Now - Debroy Somers Band
05 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night - Arcadians Dance Orchestra
06 Harmonica Harry - Jack Payne And The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra
07 I Wanna Be Loved By You - Ambrose And His Orchestra
08 The Sun Has Got His Hat On - Syd Lipton And His Grosvenor House Band
09 Somebody Stole My Gal - Billy Cotton And His Band
10 I Always Keep My Girl Out Late - Jack Jackson And His Orchestra
11 Blue Jazz - Lew Stone And His Band
12 Without That Certain Thing - Roy Fox And His Band
13 You Ought To See Sally On Sunday - Ray Noble And His Orchestra
14 Listen To That Rhythm - Bertini And The Tower Blackpool Dance Band
15 Toublesome Trumpet - Harry Roy And His Mayfair Hotel Orchestra
16 Everything's In Rhythm With My Heart - Billy Merrin And His Commanders

3 megjegyzés:

pino írta...

You did an outstanding job. Merits the greatest compliments. Many thanks, Laszlo and a big hugh

pino írta...

Now that I've listened to the entire album I can say that is a great post. I've brought in a different era. Again thanks, many thanks

Audio Design Studio írta...

Dear Pino
I'm glad you like the albums you uploaded.
What about you?
I have not signed anything very special musical delicacy!?

Best regards, Laszlo