2013. augusztus 25., vasárnap

Howard Roberts Quartet - Whatever's Fair LP 1966. Digital restored,noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2013th.

01 - The shadow of your smile
02 - Sweet september
03 - Pussy cat
04 - Whatever's fair!
05 - This is the life
06 - On a clear day (you can see forever)
07 - I'll only miss her when i think of her
08 - Manha de carnaval
09 - Michele
10 - A taste of honey
11 - Bye bye blues


Howard Roberts (guitar)
Henry Cain (organ)
Bill Pittman (guitar)
Chuck Berghofer (bass)
Earl Palmer (drums)
Jill Roberts (percussion)
Larry Bunker (drums)

We're still in the wild '60s when Howard Roberts was on a roll producing some very fine pop-oriented guitar jazz as was the fad these days, a fact easily witnessed by these two magnificent Capitol LPs on one CD. Forget rock 'n roll for a moment, this is expertly crafted Daiquiris-by-the-pool music by the top session men
( all that jazz )

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