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Humble Pie - Smokin' LP 1972 Digital transfer, restored and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2014.





01 - Hot 'N' Nasty
02 - The Fixer
03 - You're So Good For Me
04 - C'mon Everybody
05 - Old Time Feelin'
06 - 30 Days In The Hole
07 - A) Road Runner , B) Road Runner's 'G' Jam
08 - I Wonder
09 - Sweet Peace And Time

Album profile

This was Humble Pie's first album after the departure of Peter Frampton who later that year played on The Who's bassist John Entwistle's second solo album Whistle Rymes, which put singer and co-founder Steve Marriott at its artistic centre. Smokin' is the band's best-selling album, including their best-known song, at least in America, 30 Days in the Hole.

It includes dramatically slowed down versions of Eddie Cochran's "C'mon Everybody", Junior Walker's "Road Runner", and the wah-wah laden slow blues "The Fixer". "You're So Good for Me", which begins as a delicate acoustic number, ultimately mutates into a full-bore gospel music rave-up, an element that would later influence bands like The Black Crowes.

Alexis Korner guests on the track "Old Time Feelin'", Marriott's vocals take a back seat as the main vocals are provided by Greg Ridley and Korner who also plays a Martin Tipple, mandolin-type guitar. Its sound is reminiscent of the song "Alabama '69" on their first album.

Stephen Stills guests on "Road Runner 'G' Jam" (the title is a nod to the band's habit of developing songs out of jam sessions), playing Hammond organ, and his backing vocals were over-dubbed on "Hot 'n' Nasty" a slow-burning and then dynamic R&B song, after he strolled in after recording his own sessions next door.[2]

Marriott insisted on producing the album himself for the challenge of creating a compact R&B sound with a high-tech 24-track mixing board. Marriott collapsed with exhaustion in February. New Musical Express (NME) reported at the time: "Following intense recording sessions with Humble Pie, Steve Marriott collapsed with nervous exhaustion and doctors told him to rest".[3]

With this album the group were seen as leaders of the boogie movement in the early 1970s.[4]

Track listing

Side One

    "Hot 'n' Nasty" (Humble Pie/Marriott) – 3:20
    "The Fixer" (Clem Clempson/Steve Marriott/Jerry Shirley/Greg Ridley) – 5:02
    "You're So Good for Me" (Marriott/Ridley) – 3:49
    "C'mon Everybody" (Capehart/Cochran) – 5:12
    "Old Time Feelin'" (Traditional) – 4:00

Side Two

    "30 Days in the Hole" (Marriott) – 3:57
    "(I'm A) Road Runner" (Holland-Dozier-Holland) B) "Road Runner's 'G' Jam" (Clem Clempson/Steve Marriott/Jerry Shirley/Greg Ridley) – 3:41
    "I Wonder" (Cecil Gant/Raymond Leveen) – 8:53
    "Sweet Peace and Time" (Marriott/Ridley/Shirley) – 5:49


    Steve Marriott - vocals, guitar, harp, keyboards
    Clem Clempson - guitar, keyboards, vocals
    Greg Ridley - bass, vocals
    Jerry Shirley - drums, keyboards

    Alexis Korner - vocals, mandolin-type Martin Tipple guitar "Old Time Feeling"
    Stephen Stills - organ, backing vocals on "Hot 'n' Nasty"
    Doris Troy - backing vocals "You're So Good for Me"
    Madeline Bell - backing vocals "You're So Good for Me"
    Album Cover art designed by Kosh

    Engineers : Alan O'Duffy, Keith Harwood
    Recorded at Olympic Studios, London, February 1972.
    Produced by The Pie

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