2014. június 2., hétfő

The Waikikis - Hawaii Tattoo LP Digital restored, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio 2014th.

01 Hawaii Tattoo
02 Aloha Paradise
03 I'll Remember Sweet Hawaii
04 Tiki Tiki Puka
05 Carnival Of Venice
06 Hilo Kiss
07 Tahiti Tamoure
08 Mauna Loa
09 Honolulu Rose
10 March Of The Beachcombers
11 Pacific Punch
12 Honolulu Rag

3 megjegyzés:

pino írta...

Congratulations my friend. This is a wonderful album and you've made an excellent restoration. A big hug

Audio Design Studio írta...

Thank you very much for your appreciation.
Unfortunately, the original recordings were of very poor quality.
Distorted and overdriven.
But I managed to get a little room for improvement.

That has not been signed, we have great news in Italy

Regards Laszlo

robi roboter írta...

Nagyon köszi a hawaii zenékért :) Kellemes háttérzene nyárra.