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Average White Band - Pick Up The Pieces (Live 1977)


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Average White Band - 01 - Pick Up The Pieces
Average White Band - 02 - Work To Do
Average White Band - 03 - A Love Of Your Own
Average White Band - 04 - Person To Person
Average White Band - 05 - Got The Love
Average White Band - 06 - Sweet And Sour
Average White Band - 07 - Out The Cake
Average White Band - 08 - I Heart It Through The Grapevine

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In the decade when funk music grew up, a number of self-contained bands made their mark on the music world, and none more than a seemingly out-of-place group of white guys from Scotland. With a self-deprecating group name, great guitar work and the tightest horn section this side of Tower of Power, the Average White Band stormed onto the U.S. charts in 1974 with their self-titled "White Album." A blistering set of soul and funk masterpieces, AWB featured the across-the-board instrumental hit "Pick Up the Pieces" and a slew of now-classic cuts, including a sizzling remake of the Isley Brothers' "Work to Do" and the smooth "Nothing You Can Do" (later covered by Tavares). The alternating turns at lead by tenor Alan Gorrie and gravelly falsetto singer Hamish Stuart gave the perfect front to the hot arrangements and tight playing of group members Onnie McIntyre, Malcolm Duncan, Roger Ball, and Robbie McIntosh (who tragically died of a drug overdose in late 1974 and was replaced by Steve Ferrone).

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