2008. október 26., vasárnap

Gerald Wilson Orchestra - The Golden Sword (1966)


01 - The Golden Sword
02 - Man of La Mancha
03 - The Breeze and I
04 - Carlos
05 - Chanson du Feu Follet (Song of the Mad Fire)
06 - Mi Corazon (My Heart)
07 - Blues Latinese
08 - The Feather
09 - La Mentra (The Lie)
10 - The Serpent

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oldschoolbass írta...

I simply cannot thank you enough for making this immortal music available. I am an electric bassist and the bass line to "Carlos" was one of the first I ever learned. I have since gone on to record for Phllis Hyman, Patti Labelle and many others. Thank You so very much

here írta...

Is there any chance you could post this again? The link is dead and I'd love to hear this album again before I die.
Thanks, butp :)