2009. április 10., péntek

Archiv Hawaii Songs from 1933 - 1938 ( 78 rpm ) Digital transfer, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio Home Sound Recording Studio 2009


Sol Hoopii - Farewell blues (Decca 2241A mtx DLA1667) (1938).mp3
Sol Hoopii - Fascination rhythm (Decca 2280B mtx DLA1666) (1938).mp3
Sol Hoopii - Stack O'Lee blues (Decca 2241B mtx DLA1663) (1938).mp3
Sol Hoopii - Twilight blues (Decca 2560A mtx DLA1661) (1938).mp3
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Qt - Hula girl (Brunswick 6768 mtx LA39) (1933).mp3
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Qt - King Kamehameha (Brunswick 6873 mtx LA160A) (1934).mp3
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Qt - King's serenade (Brunswick 6950 mtx LA38-A) (1933).mp3
Sol Hoopii & His Novelty Qt - Ten tiny toes, one baby nose (Brunswick 6687 mtx LA43) (1933).mp3

2 megjegyzés:

Supr írta...

For such old records - the sound is unexpectedly rich enough ...
Nice swing a la Hawaii ...
Good job.
Thanx, Supr.

Uncle Deetou írta...

Excellent blog... thank you!