2009. augusztus 29., szombat

Henri René and His Orchestra - Compulsion To Swing


01 The Blue Room
02 Cry Me A River
03 Baubles, Bangels And Beads
04 Compulsion To Swing
05 It Don't Mean A Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing
06 Just A Gigalo
07 S' Wonderful
08 Nature Boy
09 The Hot Canary
10 Blues Chartreuse
11 The Surrey With Fringe On Top
12 Don't Cry Joe

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deGallo írta...

What a great site you have with wonderful music. Excellent digitizing. I'm trying to digitize my vinyl also. Could you tell me the process that you use? What software do you use? What equipment do you use? Thanks for all the great music.

wonderful melodies world írta...

Please, reup

Blue Eyes írta...

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