2009. november 28., szombat

Steve Guyger - Radio Blues


01. Lookie Here 4:03
02. You're So Fine 4:08
03. Cool In The Evening 5:34
04. Little Rita 2:29
05. Blues Won't Let Me Be 4:05
06. School Is Over 3:30
07. Afghan Rumble 2:20
08. I'm Shakin' 4:06
09. Oh Red 4:28
10. I Can See By Your Eyes 4:39
11. Won't You Come On Out Tonight 3:35
12. Hey Little Baby 4:17
13. Let Me Hang Around 3:30
14. The Honeydripper 2:13

Steve Guyger is a Philly-based harp player & singer. If you like the way guys played harp in the
50s & 60s, you’ll love Guyger’s work. His harp work is incredibly deep & soulful, and the difficulty of what he does will sneak up on you. Steve is also blessed with a burnished voice that he uses with great skill to help push the emotions of his songs across to the listener. Folks, Steve Guyger is the real deal. You’re not going to get a lot of flash & bombast with Guyger’s harp playing. What you are going to get is deep, emotional, heartfelt playing that is at the same time technically difficult. Oh, did I forget to mention that his harp tone is HUGE? It’s like the Grand Canyon, baby!
Steve played harmonica with blues legend Jimmie Rogers for approximately 15 years, beginning around 1980. Jimmie came up with Little Walter and the other Chicago legends, so if he taps you to play harp in his band it is an enormous stamp of approval.
Guyger is considered a harp-players harp player, and for proof of that I give you a quote from Rick Estrin (front man for Little Charlie & The Nightcats), taken from the liner notes of “Radio
Blues”: “I used to ask Jerry (Portnoy) if he ever ran across any harp players who I wasn’t aware of and who I should be hip to (circa 1974.) The only two names he mentioned were Kim Wilson and Steve Guyger. Well, he was right on then and it’s still true today.”

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