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Wes Montgomery - Complet Riverside Recordings 12 CD Pack

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Never before has there been a jazz musician who has had an influence on so many players as Wes Montgomery. Most of the top players today credit him with fueling their desire to play jazz guitar. His incredible sense of phrasing, harmonic structure and note selection was unique, always advancing in its own distinctive way. Montgomery was as contemporary and forward thinking as any artist who has ever played and this recorded legacy is truly priceless.

This collection of 12 CDs encompasses his total output for the Riverside label. Fans eagerly awaited each album which were pressed between 1959 and 1963. The 25 recording sessions resulted in an amazing exhibition of small group energy and creativity. Wes was surrounded by the greatest players of that era, and each album seemed to surpass the previous one.

In 1964 the Riverside label was forced to go out of business and Montgomery moved to the Verve label where producer Creed Taylor moved him into his so-called "commercial" period. These later recordings are the ones most available to young players of today. Although his virtuosity still shone through in this new venture, the early Riverside works are truly the groundbreaking efforts that stand as the basis of Wes' legacy.

Disc One was originally issued as Wes Montgomery Trio featuring Mel Rhyne on organ and Paul Parker on drums. There are original and alternate takes of "Satin Doll" and "Missile Blues." Montgomery's solo on "Round Midnight" is described by producer Orrin Keepnews as one of his most emotional recorded efforts. The second Disc, titled The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery, has Tommy Flanagan on piano, Percy Heath on bass, and Albert "Tootie" Heath on drums joining Wes for a truly amazing recording. Original compositions become more prevalent with "West Coast Blues" making its debut along with "Four On Six" and "D Natural Blues." Wes establishes a pattern of blistering single note solos followed by octave choruses and block chord movement that defy the laws of physics.

The remaining selections in this compilation showcase so many legendary players and high-level performances that choosing a favorite is difficult, at best. Montgomery had an uncanny knack of bringing out the absolute best of anyone with whom he recorded. And, given the list of artists employed by this label, that was no small task. Pianists included Victor Feldman, George Shearing, Dick Hyman, and Wynton Kelly. Cannonball Adderly, Johnny Griffen, and Harold Land were some of the wind players. Bassists Sam Jones, Keter Betts, and Paul Chambers contributed their talents. Drummers Louis Hayes, Bobby Thomas, Jimmy Cobb, George Brown, and Philly Joe Jones were some of the timekeepers, providing wonderful drive and punch to these sessions.

There are 158 performances included in this box set, 49 of which are alternates or previously not released. Sixteen tracks were not issued prior to this collection. A 32-page insert accompanying the set shows each original album cover and a detailed description of each recording session written by Keepnews is also included. The anecdotal information alone is priceless to Montgomery fans providing personal insight to each of the albums never presented before. Montgomery is memorialized in tributes written by Jim Ferguson, Nat Adderley, Kenny Burrell, and Jim Hall as well as others whose lives he touched with his music and his persona. This is a powerful section of recollection and inspiration that truly shows his legacy on and off the bandstand.

All of Montgomery's best small group performances and classic original tunes are included in this one collection. Whether it is Boss Guitar, Full House, Cannonball Adderley and the Poll Winners or Wes Montgomery with Strings, each disc seems to be even better than the one before. Wes had a technical command of the instrument and unique sound when, combined with his emotional texture, draws the listener into an unparalleled musical experience. This amazing collection of recorded material is best compared to a novel that is difficult to put down once it is begun. Any student of jazz guitar should begin their research in the genre with this compilation. This masterpiece of musical history must be included in the library of any guitarist seeking true inspiration.

Disc 1
1. 'Round Midnight - Wes Montgomery
2. Satin Doll [Alternate Take - Take 5] - Wes Montgomery
3. Satin Doll [Take 7 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
4. Missile Blues [Take 5] - Wes Montgomery
5. Missile Blues [Take 6-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
6. Jingles - Wes Montgomery
7. Whisper Not - Wes Montgomery
8. End of a Love Affair - Wes Montgomery
9. Too Late Now - Wes Montgomery
10. Ecaroh - Wes Montgomery
11. Yesterdays - Wes Montgomery
12. Airegin - Wes Montgomery
13. West Coast Blues - Wes Montgomery
14. Four on Six - Wes Montgomery

Disc 2
1. D-Natural Blues - Wes Montgomery
2. In Your Own Sweet Way - Wes Montgomery
3. Mr. Walker - Wes Montgomery
4. Polka Dots and Moonbeams - Wes Montgomery
5. Gone With the Wind - Wes Montgomery
6. Sack O' Woe - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
7. Work Song - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
8. Scrambled Eggs - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
9. Pretty Memory - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
10. Fallout - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
11. My Heart Stood Still - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
12. Mean to Me - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
13. Violets for Your Furs - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery
14. I've Got a Crush on You - Nat Adderley, Wes Montgomery

Disc 3
1. Compulsion - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
2. Terrain - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
3. Klact-Oveeseds-Tene - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
4. Ursula - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
5. West Coast Blues - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
6. Don't Explain - Harold Land, Wes Montgomery
7. Lolita - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
8. Chant - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
9. Azule Serape - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery

Disc 4
1. Never Will I Marry - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
2. Yours Is My Heart Alone - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
3. Privave [Take 1 - Alternate Take] - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
4. Privave [Take 2 - Originally Issued] - Cannonball Adderley, Wes Montgomery
5. Tune-Up [Take 4-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
6. Tune-Up [Take 9 - Alternate Take] - Wes Montgomery
7. Body and Soul [Take 2 - Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
8. Body and Soul [Take 4/6 - Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
9. Body and Soul [Take 7 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
10. Sandu - Wes Montgomery
11. So Do It! [Take 1] - Wes Montgomery

Disc 5
1. So Do It! [Take 6-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
2. Movin' Along [Take 1-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
3. Movin' Along [Take 4-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
4. Movin' Along [Take 5 - Originally Issued/Re-Edited] - Wes Montgomery
5. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You - Wes Montgomery
6. Says You - Wes Montgomery
7. Doujie [Take 6, Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers
8. Doujie [Take 7, Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers
9. Just for Now - The Montgomery Brothers
10. Groove Yard - The Montgomery Brothers
11. Heartstrings - The Montgomery Brothers
12. Remember - The Montgomery Brothers
13. Delirium - The Montgomery Brothers

Disc 6
1. Bock to Bock [Take 1 - Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers
2. Bock to Bock [Take 3 - Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers
3. If I Should Lose You [Take 2-Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers
4. If I Should Lose You [Take 4-Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers
5. Doujie [Take 8][#] - The Montgomery Brothers
6. Somethin' Like Bags - Wes Montgomery
7. I'm Just a Lucky So and So - Wes Montgomery
8. Cotton Tail - Wes Montgomery
9. Twisted Blues - Wes Montgomery
10. I Wish I Knew - Wes Montgomery
11. Repetition - Wes Montgomery
12. While We're Young - Wes Montgomery
13. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road) - Wes Montgomery

Disc 7
1. Darn That Dream [Take 1-Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
2. Darn That Dream [Take 8 - Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
3. And Then I Wrote - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
4. Double Deal - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
5. No Hard Feelings - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
6. Love Walked In [Take 1-Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
7. Love Walked In [Take 11 - Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
8. Lois Ann - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
9. Enchanted - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
10. Love for Sale - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
11. Stranger in Paradise - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
12. Mambo in Chimes [Take 1-Alternate] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
13. Mambo in Chimes [Take 11 - Originally Issued] - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
14. Lamp Is Low - The Montgomery Brothers, George Shearing
15. Blue Roz [Take 3 - Alternate] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
16. Blue Roz [Take 4 - Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
17. Jingles [Take 8] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
18. Jingles [Take 9 - Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery

Disc 8
1. Stairway to the Stars [Take 2-Alternate] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
2. Stairway to the Stars [Take 6-Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
3. Stablemates [Take 2][#] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
4. Stablemates [Take 4-Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
5. Sam Sack [Take 2][#] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
6. Sam Sack [Take 3 - Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
7. S.K.J. [Take 4][#] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
8. S.K.J. [Take 7 - Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
9. Delilah [Take 3 - Alternate Take] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
10. Delilah [Take 4-Originally Issued] - Milt Jackson, Wes Montgomery
11. Come Rain or Come Shine [Take 1- Alternate Take][Live] - Wes Montgomery
12. Born to Be Blue [Take 1][Live][#] - Wes Montgomery

Disc 9
1. Blue 'N' Boogie [Take 1][Live][#] - Wes Montgomery
2. Cariba [Take 1][Live][#] - Wes Montgomery
3. S.O.S. [Take 2-Alternate][Live] - Wes Montgomery
4. Come Rain or Come Shine [Take 2-Originally Issued][Live] - Wes Montgomery
5. Born to Be Blue [Take 2 - Subsequently Issued][Live] - Wes Montgomery
6. Full House [Live] - Wes Montgomery
7. Cariba [Take 2 - Originally Issued][Live] - Wes Montgomery
8. Blue 'N' Boogie [Take 2 - Originally Issued][Live] - Wes Montgomery

Disc 10
1. S.O.S. [Take 3 - Originally Issued][Live] - Wes Montgomery
2. I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face [Live] - Wes Montgomery
3. In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning - Wes Montgomery,
4. Pretty Blue [Take 1-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery,
5. Pretty Blue [Take 2-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery,
6. Girl Next Door [Take 1] - Wes Montgomery,
7. Girl Next Door [Take 2-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery,
8. God Bless the Child [Take 2-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery,
9. God Bless the Child [Take 4-Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery,
10. My Romance - Wes Montgomery,
11. Prelude to a Kiss [Take 2][#] - Wes Montgomery,
12. Prelude to a Kiss [Take 3][#] - Wes Montgomery,
13. All the Way - Wes Montgomery,
14. Somewhere - Wes Montgomery,
15. Tune-Up [Take 1] - Wes Montgomery,
16. Tune-Up [Take 2/3 - Alternate] - Wes Montgomery,
17. Tune-Up [Take 4-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery,
18. Tune-Up [Take 5 - Originally Issued/Re-Edited] - Wes Montgomery,
19. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [Take 3][#] - Wes Montgomery
20. Baubles, Bangles and Beads [Take 4 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery

Disc 11
1. Trick Bag [Take 2/5 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
2. Trick Bag [Take 6-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
3. Days of Wine and Roses - Wes Montgomery
4. Canadian Sunset - Wes Montgomery
5. Dearly Beloved - Wes Montgomery
6. For Heaven's Sake - Wes Montgomery
7. Besame Mucho [Take 2 - Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
8. Besame Mucho [Take 3 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
9. Fried Pies [Take 1-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
10. Fried Pies [Take 2 - Originally Issued/Re-Edited] - Wes Montgomery
11. Breeze and I - Wes Montgomery
12. Moanin' [Take 7 - Originally Issued/Re-Edited] - Wes Montgomery
13. Dreamsville - Wes Montgomery

Disc 12
1. Freddie Freeloader - Wes Montgomery
2. Movin' Along [#] - Wes Montgomery
3. Mi Cosa [Take 1 - Subsequently Issued] - Wes Montgomery
4. For All We Know - Wes Montgomery
5. Way You Look Tonight [Take 1 - Originally Issued] - Wes Montgomery
6. Way You Look Tonight [Take 2-Alternate] - Wes Montgomery
7. Yesterday's Child [#] - Wes Montgomery
8. Geno - Wes Montgomery
9. Dangerous [#] - Wes Montgomery
10. Lolita [#] - Wes Montgomery
11. Blues Riff [Take 7] - Wes Montgomery
12. Blues Riff [Take 8] - Wes Montgomery
13. Moanin' [Take 10 - Alternate] - Wes Montgomery

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