2010. március 20., szombat

Attila Zoller - Dusko Goykovich Easy Trumpet - Good Time 1968


Side A corresponds to "Easy Trumpet" by Dusko Goikovich (1968), whereas Side B is "Good Time" by Attila Zoller (1967).
Funky jazz LP on the superb Selected Sound library label. Nice open drum break on one track and plenty more for producers too.

1. Summer Song (D.Gojkovic/Pietro Leguani) 2:40
2. Gay Beatle (Pietro Leguani) 2:10
3. Paris & L'amour (Roland Kovac) 2:37
4. Mini-Mini (D.Gojkovich/Pietro Leguani) 2:40
5. Susie (D.Gojkovich/Pietro Leguani) 2:15
6. All My Love (D.Gojkovich/Pietro Leguani) 3:55
7. Tell It Like It Is (D.Gojkovich/Pietro Leguani) 3:03

Pietro Leguani, who signs most of the songs, is actually Roland Kovac.

Dusko Goykovich (tp,flh)
Ode Henessy (ts,fl)
Roland Kovac (p)

B1 Goukai (2:42)
B2 Tamara (2:41)
B3 Necking (1:59)
B4 Souling (2:50)
B5 Kind Of Love (2:36)
B6 Sweety (3:00)
B7 Sporting (2:22)
B8 Wondering (1:50)

Attila Zoller (g)
Roland Kovac (p)
Roland Kovac (hps)