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Acker Bilk - A Touch of Latin 1964 LP Digital restored, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Stidio made 2012

Acker Bilk - A Touch of Latin 1964 DATA

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Acker BILK - A Touch of Latin 1964
With The Leon Young String Chorale

01 - Maria Elena
02 - La Paloma
03 - Frenesi
04 - Lonely senorita
05 - Adios mi chaparita
06 - Bossa Luna
07 - Bustamento
08 - Habanera
09 - Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps
10 - Adios Mariquita Linda
11 - Pancho's love song


Acker Bilk (28 January 1929), born Bernard Stanley Bilk (known more familiarly as Mr. Acker Bilk), is a clarinetist. He is known for his trademark goatee, bowler hat, striped waistcoat and his breathy, vibrato-rich, lower-register clarinet style. He was born in Pensford, Somerset,England.

Bilk earned the nickname Acker from the Somerset slang for friend or 'mate'. His parents tried to have him learn the piano, but Bilk as a boy found it restricting upon his love of outdoor activities including football (soccer). He also lost two front teeth in a school fight and half a finger in a sledging accident, both of which Bilk has claimed to have affected his eventual clarinet style. He learned the clarinet while serving in the Royal Engineers in the Suez Canal Zone, and by the mid-1950s he was playing professionally.

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