2009. június 17., szerda

Pulpo - Pulpos Hot Bread


1. Tirandote Flores 6:15
2. Intense!! 6:42
3. Apariencia 4:45
4. Hot Bread 6:30
5. Porque Te Empanas 7:02
6. Clara's Lament 7:16
7. Sonero Mayor 5:43
8. Cross Body Groove 5:42
9. Sonando Con Puerto Rico 5:51
10.La Murga 7:44

Pulpo's resume and experience have made him one of the fastest rising pianists of his generation. Born in New York City on December 28, 1953, Pulpo began his musical journey at the young age of 14. After experimenting with various instruments, Pulpo ultimately joined his dear friend Oscar Hernández with piano lessons. Under the tutelage of piano luminary Charlie Palmieri, Pulpo quickly learned the essential skills for success in the competitive industry. As a teenager, Pulpo was playing at the epicenter of Salsa's Golden Age while recording & performing with some of the biggest bands in the business including Rafi Val's La Diferente, Pete "Conde" Rodriguez, and Kako's All Stars.
In 1975, Pulpo received his big break and was approached by FANIA All-Star vocalist Héctor Lavoe to be his pianist and musical director. For 16 years, Pulpo recorded and served with Lavoe while they toured throughout the world. As musical director, Pulpo integrated a second trumpet to the orchestra which proved to add an extra dimension to the already talented band. As Pulpo's popularity increased, he played and musically directed a multitude of recordings throughout the salsa circuit.
In addition, Pulpo is credited for playing with all three of the "Big 3"; The Tito Puente Orchestra, The Tito Rodriguez Orchestra, and the Machito Orchestra. Aside from his work with Lavoe, Pulpo credits his experience with the Big 3, as "the break that really took my playing to the next level." In addition, Pulpo is highly regarded as a teacher of piano and musical theory in which he taught for over 16 years at Johnny Colón's East Harlem Music School in New York City.
Pulpo's popularity in all these different circles extends far beyond his musical ability. His warm natured personality and charming sense of humor is described as infectious making him one of the industry's most pleasant pianists to work with.
In addition to his own band, Pulpo continues to play and tour with the Big 3 Palladium Orchestra. Most recently, Pulpo has become the musical director of Orquesta De La Gente (ODLG), a group dedicated to the memory of Héctor Lavoe in which they perform original tunes from the vocalist's repertoire. As musical director for ODLG and various other projects, Pulpo is widely considered one of the latin industry's most accomplished pianists.