2009. július 14., kedd

Carmen Mc Rae - Sarah-Dedicated To You (1991)



01 Poor Butterfly
02 I've Got the World on a String
03 Misty
04 Wonder Why
05 Send in the Clowns
06 Black Coffee
07 Tenderly
08 The Best Is Yet to Come
09 I Will Say Goodbye
10 The Lamp Is Low
11 It's Magic
12 Dedicated to You
13 I'll Be Seeing You
14 Sarah

The follow-up to the essential Carmen Sings Monk is a tribute to the recently deceased Sarah Vaughan that ranks at the same very high level. Carmen McRae's final recording finds the singer backed by the Shirley Horn Trio (unfortunately, Horn turned down McRae's request to sing a bit) on 13 numbers associated with Sassy, plus Carroll Coates' original "Sarah." On such songs as "Poor Butterfly," "Misty," "Tenderly," "I'll Be Seeing You" and even "Send in the Clowns," McRae brings back the spirit (and some of the phrasing) of Sarah Vaughan while still sounding very much like herself. This very well-conceived tribute is a classic of its kind and a perfect swan song for Carmen McRae.

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