2009. július 4., szombat

Gordon Franks - Orchestral In The Night LP Digital transfer, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio Home Sound Recording Studio 2009.


01 - Love In The Open Air
02 - Brazil
03 - It's Nice To Go Traveling
04 - You Only Live Twice
05 - Sweet Georgia Brown
06 - La Ronde
07 - The More I See You
08 - A Gal In Calico
09 - Ay Ay Ay
10 - A Walk In The Black Forest
11 - I Remember You
12 - In Old Lisbon

2 megjegyzés:

deGallo írta...

Just found your site. Very, very nice!!! The transfers are really great. Could you please post something about how you do this...what equipment....the process...etc...etc?? Thank you

Jazz Del Sol írta...

Mr. Audio Design: Thanks for your fabolous blog; I would like that you can give me a new link for this Gordon Franks album, restored by your studio. Do you have also the David Whitaker album from the same "Orchestral" series ? Thanks again for your help, Luis