2009. július 23., csütörtök

Ennio Morricone - The best of cd 1-2


cd 1

01-Man with a harmonica
02-Once uppon a time in the
03-Heres to you
04-A fistful of dollars
05-The good, the bad and th
06-My name is nobody
07-A fistful of dynamite
08-Farewell to cayenne
09-The balld of sacco and v
10-A gun for a ringo
13-For a few dollars more
14-Bouna Fortuna_Jack
15-Hopes of freedom
16-Metello(Version III)
17-Jills America

cd 2
01-Chi mai
02-The sicillian man
03-The encounter
04-What have you done to so
05-Come maddelena
06-La califfa
07-God with us
08-Investigations of a citi
09-For love one can die
10-Estate 1943
12-And woman created man
13-Anquish and pursuit
14-The reventurer(part 1)
15-Before the revolution
16-The most important thing
17-The vice of killing
18-Bye bye colonel

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