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Jamhunters - Music Speaks Louder Than Words



JAMHUNTERS "Music speaks louder than words"

On 15 March, Gateway Music will release Jamhunters' second album: MUSIC SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.
The 13 new tracks are all original, the genre is smooth jazz/lounge and also this album was recorded in the Jamhouse studio. The musicians behind Jamhunters are Peter Michael on keyboard and Lars Fabiansen on guitar.
Several well known guests have been assembled to play along with Jamhunters. Artists like Hans Ulrik,
Klaus Menzer, Christina Boelskifte, André Sorensen, Bo Fabiansen, Claus Suhr and Moussa Diallo.
Chris Minh Doky is also guest performing on the album. Chris Minh Doky is normally based in New York, but visited the Jamhouse studio in Copenhagen and recorded 2 tracks. Chris Minh Doky is widely recognised for his passionate delivery and exceptional skill and his distinctive and personal style and sound adds special warmth to the tracks: NO ONE LIKE YOU and MUSIC SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS.
Jamhunters' second guest performer from New York is Frank Senior. He was born and raised in Harlem where jazz played
a major role in his musical career and that is very clearly reflected in his singing. "We ran into Frank in New York last autumn.
We were there to play a few club gigs and accidentally heard Frank humming to a live band. We simply had to persuade him to work with us on our next album", says Lars from Jamhunters. Listen to Frank on the track: ONE MORE MINUTE.
Jamhunters' first album was well received in the US – the homeland of smooth jazz - and the duo therefore visited
New York to play live before an American audience. The internet radio station Smooth Jazz and More reviewed Jamhunters first album: "This CD surprised me with its acid jazz and uptempo beats. It's a huge surprise and my pick for best CD of 2006".
Jamhunters is planning another trip to New York in the summer of 2008.
Please reply by mail if you require additional information, promotion material or a CD or contact Maria Christensen at postmaster@jamhunters.dk

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