2008. augusztus 26., kedd

Larry Garner - You Need To Live A Little

01 - Another Bad Day
02 - Someone New
03 - Four Cars Running
04 - Live A Little
05 - The Reacher Man
06 - Shak Bully
07 - Rats And Roaches In My Kitchen
08 - Don't Run Talking
09 - Keep Playing The Blues
10 - Had To Quit Drinking
11 - I Ain't The One
12 - I Won't Tell Your Mama
13 - Don't Start Crying
14 - Edward Had A Shotgun

A witty, imaginative songwriter, crisply concise guitarist, and convincing singer, Baton Rouge Larry Garner is the proverbial triple threat -- and a good bet to rise to blues stardom in the immediate future. His major-label debut is a wondrous collection filled with songs that don't embrace simple cliches ("Four Cars Running," "Another Bad Day," and "Shak Bully" are anything but routine). "Miracles of Time" is almost pop-soul in its structure, while "Rats and Roaches in My Kitchen," Garner's lowdown tribute to swamp blues pioneer Silas Hogan, benefits from Sonny Landreth's burrowing slide guitar. ~ Bill Dahl, All Music Guide

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