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Louie Bellson 1979 - Dynamite!


1 Sambandrea Swing
2 Deliverence
3 Concord Blues for Blue
4 Cinderella's Waltz
5 Where Did You Go?
6 Explosion


Jack Arnold Percussion, Vibraphone
Louie Bellson Drums
Matt Catingub Clarinet, Flute, Arranger, Composer, Sax (Alto)
John Chiodini Guitar
Frank Collett Piano
Nick Dimaio Trombone
Gordon Goodwin Sax (Tenor)
Nelson Hatt Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Dana Hughes Trombone
Walt Johnson Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Alan Kaplan Trombone
Ron King Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Andrew MacKintosh Sax (Baritone)
Don Menza Composer, Sax (Tenor)
Bob Payne Trombone
Bobby Shew Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Dick Spencer Clarinet, Flute, Piccolo, Saxophone
John Thomas Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John B. Williams Jr. Bass, Bass (Electric)


Recordings by Louie Bellson's various big bands tend to be a slight disappointment, full of fire and explosive moments but sometimes lacking in subtlety and surprises. This effort finds the classic drummer at the head of a 14-horn, 19-piece orchestra that is certainly full of power. Bellson, his tenor star Don Menza and altoist Matt Catingub wrote all of the six songs, and among the key soloists are Menza, Catingub, trumpeter Bobby Shew, altoist Dick Spencer and guitarist John Chiodini (featured on "Where Did You Go"). Nothing all that unusual occurs (although Don Menza's Sambandrea Swing" is exciting), but modern big-band fans will enjoy the effort.

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