2008. november 16., vasárnap

Bill Mankiss - Echoes of Poland LP 1960 - Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio 2008.


01 - Oj Did-a-Dig Oberek
02 - Who Stole The Keeshka - Polka
03 - Stash Polka
04 - Accordion Polka
05 - Pytala Sie Pani Waltz
06 - Jolly Painter Polka
07 - Mamusiu Moja, Boli Mnie Glowa
08 - Reinlanender
09 - Rach Czach Czak Polka
10 - Skyliner Oberek
11 - Nalejcie Kielicha Oberek
12 - Hi Dulli Dulli Polka

Bill Mankiss Echoes of Poland Album Arc Sound Records A561

If I were to select a word to describe Bill Mankiss, I would have to choose two words
Versatile and personable. As a musician, it would be difficult to find a more versatile artist. You name it and Bill will play it with skill and a perfect sense of rhythm. Bill also
Has a reputation with musicians as being one of the best fellows to get along with.

The piano accordion is Bill’s instrument and he is also an accomplished piano player.
Bill makes music a full-time career, playing various club dates in Southern Ontario Canada as well as playing for weddings, socials and dances with his own band. He is
Also in constant demand as a teacher of the accordion to a number of students is his
Scarborough Ontario studio.

Bill has played for several recordings as a sideman, but this is his first recording of his own, and after you listen to this record, I’m sure you’ll agree it won’t be his last. Here are
Echoes of Poland, old and new dance tunes to suit every taste, no matter what your country of origin.


-Bill Mankiss Accordion,
-Roy Anthony Bass,
-Mike Crosty Drums,
-John Gotch Sax Clarinet Vocals,
-Ken Stanley Piano,
-Victor Pasowisty Violin Guitar,
-Stan Radwick Trumpet,

Produced by Dan Bass.

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