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George Gee - Swingin' Live and His Make Be Live Ballroom Orchestra


George Gee - 01 - Come On In
George Gee - 02 - Blues For Stephanie
George Gee - 03 - Down For The Count
George Gee - 04 - Let The Good Times Roll
George Gee - 05 - Where Or When
George Gee - 06 - Shiny Stockings
George Gee - 07 - Four-Five-Six
George Gee - 08 - Street Of Dreams
George Gee - 09 - April In Paris
George Gee - 10 - Here's That Rainy Day
George Gee - 11 - Wailin' Caylen
George Gee - 12 - Splanky


George Gee (leader);
Carla Cook (vocals);
Cleave Guyton (piccolo flute, alto saxophone);
Ed Pazant (alto saxophone);
Lance Bryant, Marshall McDonald, Benny Russell (tenor saxophone);
Al Acosta (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet);
Dave Stahl, Kenny Rampton, Walt Szymanski, Irvin Stokes (trumpet);
Charles Stephens, Eddie Bert, Joe Fiedler (trombone);
Wayne Coniglio (bass trombone);
Richard Liberson (guitar);
Jon Cowherd, Sara Jane Cion (piano); Daryl Hall (bass);
Dave Gibson (drums).

Principally recorded live at Irving Plaza,
New York, New York on January 26, 1997. I

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Is it possible to restore George Gees great albums?
I'd love to ear them