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Perez Prado - Twist Goes Latin LP 1962 USA Digital Noise Cleaning and remastered, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio 2010.


01 - Ti-Ti-Tin
02 - The Twist of Hava Nageela
03 - Sway
04 - Saigon Twist
05 - La Raspa-Twist
06 - Venezuela Twist
07 - Patricia
08 - St.Louis Blues
09 - Sabra-Twist
10 - Cachita
11 - Anna-twist
12 - Cherri Pink and Apple twist
13 - Tico Tico
14 - In A Little Spanish
15 - Guaglione
16 - Patricia
17 - Cherri Pink & Apple Blosson White

It Had to Happen - The Twist Had to Go Latin!

And it's new, excitingly different - it's the Twist with a twist! If you think it was frantic fun before, listen to it now. It positively jumps for joy. And who is there greater to carry this biggest new dance craze in twenty years to its next logical - or illogical - development? The nonpareil Prado, undisputed King of the Latin beat, that's who.Actually, if you listen real close to the next Twist you hear, you'll discover something else. The Twist is Latin, its roots are down in the same super-heated South American
soil that gave us the Cha Cha, Pachanga, Samba, Mambo, Conga, Chunga and what have you.Twisters! You're in for a thrilling, new experience - not another word, listen to the Latin Twist, arranged, conducted, and with interpolated ughs!! by the King. Go! Š by Radio Corporation of America, 1962

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