2010. január 7., csütörtök

Lew Stone and his band - 10-30 Tuesday Night LP 1962 Digital Noise Cleaning and remastered at Audio Design Studio 2010.


The tracks were mainly recorded between 1932 and 1934, apart from Ja-Da which is from 1941.

01.Oh! Susannah/Goodbye Blues/That's Plenty
02.I'll Never Be The Same (v.Bowlly)
03.Isle Of Capri (v.Gonella)
04.Eadie Was A Lady (v.Bowlly)
05.Lazybones (v.Joe Crossmann)
06.White Jazz
08.I Never Had A Chance (v.Bowlly)
09.Miss Otis Regrets
10.Ebony Shadows
11.A Brivella Der Mama (v.Bowlly)
12.Lying In The Hay (v.Bowlly & )
13.Canadian Capers

Ah, a sweet one from the 'Ace Of Clubs' series, released in 1963. Featuring Al Bowly's guitar and the unmistakable trumpet of Nat Gonella.

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