2012. május 20., vasárnap

Zoot Sims - I Wish I Were Twins - Digital remastered Audio Design Studio made 2012 th.

01 - Zoot Sims - I Wish I Were Twins
02 - Zoot Sims - Georgia On My Mind
03 - Zoot Sims - Changes
04 - Zoot Sims - The Touch Of Your Lips
05 - Zoot Sims - The Fish Horn
06 - Zoot Sims - Come Closer To Me
07 - Zoot Sims - You Go You Way

    Bass – Frank Tate
    Drums – Akira Tana
    Piano – Jimmy Rowles
    Producer – Norman Granz
    Tenor Saxophone – Zoot Sims


by Scott Yanow

Zoot Sims (doubling on tenor and soprano) teams up once again with pianist Jimmy Rowles; this time bassist Frank Tate and drummer Akira Tana are the supporting cast. Rowles is a master not only at accompanying soloists (he always seems to come up with the perfect chord) but in picking up superior obscurities to perform. In addition to "Georgia on My Mind" and "The Touch of Your Lips," this album contains such tunes as "I Wish I Were Twins," "Changes" and Johnny Mercer's "You Go Your Way"; Sims contributed "The Fish Horn" to feature his soprano. A fine swinging date filled with thoughtful improvisations.

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