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Zoot Sims - Suddenly It's Spring - Digital remastered Audio Design Studio made 2012 th.

01 - Zoot Sims - Brahm's I Think
02 - Zoot Sims - I Can't Get Started
03 - Zoot Sims - MacGuffie's Blues
04 - Zoot Sims - In The Middle Of A Kiss
05 - Zoot Sims - So Long
06 - Zoot Sims - Never Let Me Go
07 - Zoot Sims - Suddenly It's Spring
08 - Zoot Sims - Emaline

This CD reissue of one of tenor-saxophonist Zoot Sims's final recordings adds a version of "Emaline" to the original program. Pianist Jimmy Rowles often co-stars on the date (with bassist George Mraz and drummer Akira Tana offering solid support). The lyrical repertoire emphasizes ballads and pretty melodies with the highpoints including such offbeat material as Woody Guthrie's "So Long," Sims's "Brahms...I Think," "In the Middle of a Kiss" and the more familiar "Never Let Me Go" and "Suddenly It's Spring." The melodic performances are quite warm, romantic and enjoyable, fine examples of subtle creativity. ~ Scott Yanow

Recorded May 1983.
Personnel: Zoot Sims (tenor saxophone).
Recording information: RCA Studios, New York, NY (05/26/1983).
Unknown Contributor Roles: George Mraz ; Jimmy Rowles; Akira Tana.

Zoot Sims (tenor saxophone); 
Jimmy Rowles (piano); 
George Mraz (bass); 
Akira Tana (drums).

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