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Ames Brothers - Best Of - Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio 2008


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/Ames Brothers - Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane /


Ames Brothers - Can Anyone Explain
Ames Brothers - Cruising Down The River
Ames Brothers - DryBones
Ames Brothers - Hawaiian War Chant
Ames Brothers - Im Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover
Ames Brothers - It Only Urts For A Little While
Ames Brothers - Jambalaya
Ames Brothers - Melodie d'Amour
Ames Brothers - Music! Music! Music!
Ames Brothers - Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane
Ames Brothers - Rag Mop
Ames Brothers - Sentimental Me
Ames Brothers - Stars are the Windows of Heave
Ames Brothers - Undecided
Ames Brothers - You You You

A close-harmony vocal quartet with few equals during the '50s, the Ames Brothers hit number one in 1950 with "Sentimental Me," and found their biggest hit three years later
with "You, You, You." Though they were indeed a family group, the Ames Brothers' surname was actually Urick. Joe, Gene, Vic and Ed were all born within four short years of each other in Malden, Massachusetts. After winning a few talent contests in their hometown, the group moved to Boston and began performing in nightclubs. They soon made the leap to New York and even Los Angeles, and signed to the Coral label in late 1958. After a few moderate hits, the Ames Brothers hit big in early 1950 with a double-sided number one hit, "Rag Mop"/"Sentimental Me." The B-side eventually triumphed over its flip, and the group hit again later in 1951 with "Undecided." The biggest hit of the Ames Brothers' career was 1953's "You You You," and their continued success during 1954 with "The Naughty Lady of Shady Land" bore fruit in the form of their own television program.
Though the quartet continued to record throughout the '50s, the dawn of the rock era definitely damaged their career; the group managed two Top Ten hits in 1957 ("Tammy," "Melodie d'Amour"), but then folded in 1959. Ed, the youngest Ames brother, continued a performing career and appeared as an Indian named Mingo on the Daniel Boone TV series before hitting the Top Ten as a solo act with 1967's "My Cup Runneth Over." He also appeared on Broadway.

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