2008. szeptember 2., kedd

Zachary Breaux - Laid Back (1994)


01 Small Town in Texas
02 Laid Back
03 West Side Worry
04 Find a Place
05 Going Out of My Head
06 Intro
07 Remember the Sixties
08 10 Days Before
09 Intro
10 Midnight Cowboy
11 In the Midst of It All
12 On 6th Street

Listening to Zachary Breaux's commercial work on Laidback, it's clear that the guitarist was capable of a lot more. That said, this isn't a bad album -- it isn't a masterpiece, but it's enjoyable most of the time. Mindful of George Benson's more commercial instrumental work, Breaux gets into a likable jazz/R&B/pop groove on such originals as "Small Town in Texas" and "West Side Worry." Harmonica great Toots Thielemans has pleasant, if unremarkable, cameos on John Barry's "Midnight Cowboy" and Breaux's mellow title song, while singer Audrey Wheeler joins Breaux for a vocal duet on a cover of Little Anthony & the Imperials' 1960s hit "Going Out of My Head." Though Breaux wasn't a bad singer, this track really belongs to Wheeler. Make no mistake: Laidback is a decent CD -- although it's a shame to hear Breaux simmering so much of the time when you know he was quite capable of burning. ~ Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

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