2008. szeptember 20., szombat

Michael's Music - Swing Low Sweet Hammond LP Digital transferred, noise cleaning and mixed, at Audio Design Studio home sound recording studio 2003


Michael's Music - 01 - We'we Only Just Begun
Michael's Music - 02 - I'm Stone In Love With You
Michael's Music - 03 - Clair
Michael's Music - 04 - Ben
Michael's Music - 05 - Can't Stop Loving You
Michael's Music - 06 - Day By Day - Prepare Ye
Michael's Music - 07 - How Insensitive
Michael's Music - 08 - Do You Love Me
Michael's Music - 09 - Why
Michael's Music - 10 - Maybe The Morning
Michael's Music - 11 - For All We Know
Michael's Music - 12 - Your Song

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